Budget Approvals at November 8, 2017 Meeting

All HIRRA members are encouraged to attend the November 8, 2017 HIRRA meeting to review and approve budgets for HIRRA’s tax-funded Committees: Fire Protection, Recycling/Waste Management, Regional Parks and Trails, Invasive Weed Control, Comfort Stations (Outhouses).

2018-2022 draft budgets are posted HERE for public review prior to the HIRRA meeting.

Community Bus Pilot Project Update

This summer HIRRA contributed to the Community Bus Pilot Project. This is an initiative of Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Society in partnership with the Hornby Island Community Economic Enhancement Corporation (HICEEC) that offered a free summer bus service around the island in August. The data on ridership, and any other feedback, will be key to the future of the Community Bus. If ridership and community support is strong, the bus may continue to offer service throughout the year.

Letters of support for the Community Bus can be sent to Hornby’s School Trustee, Sheila MacDonnell (to facilitate having a bus that can carry both students and other island commuters), and to the Area A Regional District Director, Bruce Jolliffe (to facilitate receiving tax funding for the bus).

2017 Summer Reminders to Residents and Visitors

Now that the hot summer weather is here with its “Extreme Fire Hazard” rating, there is a full fire ban in effect for Hornby. Please report any smoke or fire concerns to the Fire Patrol: 250-703-1792. For all fire and medical emergencies call 911. Visit the Fire Department page for more information.

Just when the island has an influx of visitors and everyone needs more water, Hornby’s groundwater level is falling. Please follow the Water Stewardship’s Water Conservation tips to reduce and reuse water.

While islanders are happy to welcome visitors to our island, this is Hornby’s busiest time of year, and it is easy for service workers to get hot, tired and a bit overwhelmed. Please take a breath, smile and treat each other with patience and respect.

See you at the beach!


Next Meeting:

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 at 7:30pm at the Community Hall.

Budgets will be presented for approval at the Nov. 8 meeting.

Regular meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month except August and January.

We value our unique opportunity to self govern.

Water sample results for Hornby Island can be viewed via the Vancouver Island Health Authority web-site.

Comox Valley Regional District


The Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association (HIRRA) is a non-profit society registered in the province of B.C. since 1973. Through this association we have an opportunity to be self-governing. HIRRA administers our tax dollars, and as its name implies, membership is open to residents and property owners of the island.
See the About page for complete information.

February 2017 meeting postponed due to snow

 Hall in snow 2017-Feb-07Community Hall in snow

New Cemetery Land Needed

At the December HIRRA meeting, the Cemetery Stewards made a motion to form an ad hoc Committee charged with finding suitable land for a new Cemetery. The existing Cemetery can still accommodate cremated remains but has little room left for full body burials, so there is an urgent need for more suitable land.
Unfortunately, there were not enough members in attendance at the December meeting to pass the motion. People are encouraged to attend the upcoming February 8 HIRRA meeting to ensure there is quorum to form this ad hoc Committee.  Anyone interested in joining such a Committee may attend the meeting or contact the HIRRA Administrator for more information.

The Cemetery Stewards are also pleased to announce that the Hornby Island Cemetery now has a space on the Portal for memorial plaques in remembrance of people who lived on Hornby but are not buried here. The plaques can be ordered through “Engrave It”, 4915 Island Hwy, N. Courtenay, (250) 338-6322. 
The cost for a high quality bronze plaque  3″ x 5″, including engraving is approximately $200.  There is a charge of $40 to have it installed on the Portal.
Please email Gemma Colin at gemmacolin1@gmail.com or Tina Wai at tina.waynewai@gmail.com if you are interested in doing this.  

Rat Control

From the November 13, 2013 regular meeting:
Rats and Us: Daniel Siegel created a worksheet on rat management and circulated to all at the November 2013 meeting. There are copies at the Co-op. Doug Shaw addressed the assembly on rat control methods. The Co-op is not licensed to sell rat poisons that are toxic to other animals. Several solutions were advanced. The question was asked can we give out traps? Toxic poisons are the last resort.

Download the rat control worksheet.


We wish to acknowledge and thank more than 65 volunteers, members of our community, who toil behind the scenes of HIRRA. The goings on at the Fall Fair, the Community Hall, the Free Store and Recycling Depot, the care and attention paid to the Cemetery, the Regional Parks and Roadside Trails, the strategically placed public Privies, the “fun in all kinds of weather” Recreation programs, the Fire Protection and first responders safety net, the Farmer’s Market at the Copse, the public well on Sollans Road, the opportunity for additional non-profit groups to use space in the Savoie Building and on HIRRA owned land: all these services are stewarded, nurtured and tended to by volunteers. Please know how much we appreciate all that you give!