Committee Terms of Reference

In accordance with bylaws and policies of the Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association and the terms of the management contracts between the Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association and the Regional District of Comox Strathcona, the association’s committees direct

  1. the operations of specific services or
  2. the efforts to fulfill specific mandates as determined by the general assembly.

Primary Committee Responsibilities

  1. Election of officers: a chairperson, secretary and, where indicated, a treasurer.
  2. Following the models, procedures and guidelines established by the HIRRA Executive Committee, the committee is responsible for making hiring recommendations to the executive, assuring that clear directions are given through written job descriptions, conducting personnel performance appraisals, and, where necessary, making recommendation to the executive for termination of employment and/or contracts. Scheduling and publicizing monthly meetings as follows:
    1. 10 meetings per year for Recycling, and Community Hall committees.
    2. 6 meetings per year for Recreation, Parks and Trails committees.
    3. 4 meetings per year for Cemetery Stewards, Police Liaison, Privy Council, and Fall Fair committees.

The general purpose of meetings is ongoing review of operations and progress, including financial performance to budget. Committee meetings are open to the public; presentations will be received at the beginning of any scheduled committee meeting.

  1. Reporting to the HIRRA Executive by:
    1. submitting copies of the minutes of committee meetings within ten days of the meeting.
    2. attendance by chair or designate at scheduled Executive meetings when requested.
  2. Reporting to the HIRRA general assembly at least quarterly.
  3. Formulation of policies to direct the operation of the service and presentation of new policies to the executive for information and/or approval by the membership.
  4. Participation in planning processes for future directions of the service based on the perceived needs of the Hornby Island Community.

Public consultation

In order to ensure opportunity for community consultation, committees shall:

  1. Assure the posting of regular meeting times on the HIRRA website so community members may attend as observers or, by prior arrangement, to make presentations.
  2. Host meetings in an appropriate public venue.
  3. Report regularly to the HIRRA executive and to the HIRRA membership.
  4. Make minutes publicly accessible, available in the HIRRA binder at the library.
  5. On issues of significant community impact, committees shall also ensure the community is informed through articles, flyers, posters, neighborhood meetings and/or other available media, well in advance of the meeting at which the issue will be discussed and/or decided.

Adopted: February, 1996
Revised: April, 2000; June 2003; December 2004; July 2006

In the event of a conflict between the wording of the Policy on this page and the wording of the paper copy kept in the central HIRRA file, the wording of the paper copy shall prevail.