Constitution & policies

The HIRRA Policies document revised in February 2016, contains the following information:

  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Vision Statement
  • Committee Terms of Reference
  • Guide to Etiquette of Meetings
  • Conflict of Interest Guidelines
  • Employment and Contracting
  • Financial Controls
  • Travel Expense Protocol
  • Conflict Resolution

NOTE: In order to address changes required by the BC Societies Act, HIRRA Executive is currently undertaking a Bylaw review and will be proposing some changes to the HIRRA Bylaws for approval by the membership before Fall 2018.

The Constitution (name and purposes) remain unchanged in the Societies Act Transition except to move some portions from the Constitution to the Bylaws (as noted in the Draft Bylaws). View the 17 proposed changes to the HIRRA Bylaws here: DRAFT HIRRA Bylaws for transition.

View the current HIRRA Policies document here:HIRRA Constitution, bylaws and policies.