Travel Expense Policy

Revised Travel Policy Proposal

The Travel Policy has recently been reviewed by the Executive and suggestions have been made for revisions.
The proposed revised Travel Policy is available here: DRAFT Travel policy and forms April 2018

Current Policy

This policy applies to HIRRA employees/volunteers who travel on pre-approved HIRRA business or pre-approved attendance at conferences, seminars and training courses. HIRRA will reimburse reasonable expenses paid by an individual as a result of such travel in accordance with this policy. HIRRA reserves the right to refuse or adjust reimbursement of any claimed expenses deemed to not be reasonable.

A. Trips Requiring Overnight Accommodation


The individual will:

  1. Obtain approval for the travel, in advance, from their management committee or manager.
  2. Travel by the most appropriate means, taking into consideration budget, convenience, travel time, the need for a vehicle at destination, and number of persons traveling together.
  3. Be reimbursed for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, e.g., ferry, parking, hotel.
  4. Provide receipts for all claimed travel expenses. Claims that are not backed up by receipts will not be processed.
  5. Complete the HIRRA Travel Expense Report and submit to the committee chair or manager, with expense receipts attached. The committee chair or manager will approve the information on the Travel Expense Report with his/her signature, and will forward it to the Bookkeeper for processing.

Meal Charges and Miscellaneous Expenses

  1. Meals will be reimbursed to a maximum of $50.00 per day
  2. Receipts for meal charges are required.
  3. Purchase of tobacco products or beverages containing alcohol is not a reimbursable expense.
  4. Miscellaneous expenses are not reimbursable e.g., newspaper, magazines, entertainment.


  1. Car-pooling is encouraged where more than one individual is approved to travel.
  2. When using a personal vehicle, gasoline and depreciation are not claimable expenses because they are covered by the “per kilometer rate” established by the HIRRA executive. The HIRRA “per kilometer rate” will be no greater than that used by the CVRD.
  3. HIRRA has approved a 53¢ per kilometer rate for 2013 and future years, subject to change.
  4. The maximum round-trip kilometers that can be claimed for the following destinations are:
    Courtenay 100 kms
    Campbell River 200 kms
    Nanaimo 250 kms
    Victoria 450 kms
  5. Mechanical breakdowns and traffic tickets experienced while driving to/from the destination will be the financial responsibility of the individual who owns the vehicle.

Spousal Matters and Accommodation

  1. If a spouse is accompanying the individual, travel is at his/her own expense, however a “couple’s room rate” can be claimed.
  2. Spousal expenses will not be reimbursed by HIRRA and such receipts should not be submitted in the expense report, e.g., meals, entertainment, miscellaneous.
  3. $35/night may be claimed for non-commercial overnight accommodation, i.e.., lodging at the home of a friend or relative. No receipt is required and the cheque will be paid by HIRRA directly to the host. The individual must provide the address of the host on the Travel Expense Report.

Local Transportation at Destination

  1. Local transportation is a claimable expense when used to/from the business function. Local transportation includes taxi, bus or rapid transit. Receipts must be submitted to claim local transit expenses.
  2. Car rental must be pre-approved in circumstances where taxi or public transit is not practical.

B. Day Trips

  1. Eligible claims for pre-approved day trips will include:
    • Reimbursement of ferry cost
    • Return trip per-kilometer rate
    • Parking fee
    • Reimbursement of meal receipt
  2. The HIRRA Travel Expense Report (linked below) must be completed to process the expense claims.

June 13, 2007
Revised April 2013