2014 Letters

Letter to Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure

Regarding Hornby Island Ferry Service

Dear Minister Stone:

At the Annual General Meeting of the Hornby Island Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association on March 12/2014, the collective membership voted unanimously to send you a letter expressing the extreme concern of this Community over planned cuts to Hornby Island’s Friday night ferry sailings. And with just cause. Unlike most Islands of Hornby’s population size, we only have one day per week when we have sailings after 6:00 PM (by way of comparison, Denman Island next door to us, with a similar population, has late night sailings 7 days per week). This means we have one day per week when residents and businesses have an extended day for participation in cultural & education related activities (including extracurricular school events), deliveries of goods and services, and medical appointments (particularly important for appointments in Nanaimo)…

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