2019 Minutes


Note: HIRRA did not hold a general meeting in January or August.

HIRRA’s Guide to Meeting Etiquette

 Minutes of HIRRA Committee meetings are available for viewing by HIRRA members by contacting the Administrator at (250) 335-1842 or office@hirra.ca.

HIRRA General Meeting Minutes

of February 20, 201, at the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Linda Manzer, Vice President; Anita Lewis, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 16 other HIRRA members; Regrets: Lynn Nunley, Treasurer;

Call to order: 7:35pm         

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged Pentlatch First Nations territory.

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of December 12, 2018 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  3. Executive report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary: reviewed budget reports. Draft year-end financials reviewed. Proof of insurance required from HIRRA tenants. 2% COLA approved for HIRRA employees. Letter of support for CVRD’s grant application for Boat Ramp rebuild. Approved proposed revisions to Employment and Contracting Policy. Submitting grant application to BC Hydro for Emergency Preparedness Committee.
  4. Recycling Waste Management report: Presented by Depot Manager Stani Veselinovic. In summary: 2018 waste and recycling shipment amounts reported. Amounts increasing over-all, with recyclables increasing the most. Solar panel power generation reported. Staff completed Occupational First Aid course at Fire Hall. Eye wash station purchased. Other staff safety training in progress. Appreciation to staff for snow clearing and salting. Fortieth Anniversary Celebrations went very well. Free Store volunteers seeking ten more volunteers at the Free Store and request only actual usable stuff be donated.
  5. Community Hall report: Written report by Committee member Melisa Devost read aloud. In summary: P/A sound system has been purchased and is planned for installation in March.
  6. Seawright Road Trail petition: Presented by Cristl Hansen. In summary: Seawright residents request HIRRA to create a walking/cycling trail beside Seawright Road to Sandpiper Beach for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, wildlife and vehicle drivers. Petition will be sent to Regional Parks and Trails Committee for consideration. Rob is willing to bring residents’ concerns to next meeting with Ministry of Transportation.
  7. Community Announcements:
    1. Ferry Advisory Committee: Karen Ross joining the FAC (representing HICEEC). Daniel Arbour joining the FAC (representing CVRD). FAC discussing options to address over-loaded summer ferries (e.g. extra morning sailing, double ferries) BC Ferries not taking action on overnight line-ups. Suggestion for all medical appointments to get priority loading.
    2. HICEEC staff and bus: Presented by Karen Ross. In summary: James Emerson has been hired as Administrative Support. Not applying for funding for electric bus this year as Boat Ramp was applying for same grant. $20,000 allocated by CVRD for summer bus. Trying to address issues from last year. Seeking volunteers for Bus Steering Committee. Bus across Denman part of long-term transit plan.
    3. Spark Society: Presented by Quana Parker. In summary: Crown Land lease transfer has been approved. Waiting for official documents from CVRD to transfer building ownership.
    4. Dates announced: Earthquake Simulation Training event. Sustainability Forum and Town Hall discussion. Heron Rocks Pruning Workshop and Seedy Saturday. Island Trust election.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm by general agreement.
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HIRRA General Meeting Minutes

Of March 13, 2019 at the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Anita Lewis, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 24 other HIRRA members; Regrets: Linda Manzer, Vice President;

Call to order: 7:34pm         

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged Pentlatch First Nations territory.

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement with policy revisions moved to the end of the agenda.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of February 20, 2019 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  3. Executive report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary: ordered public well and slow signs; approved funding for Sustainability Forum publicity; submitted grant application to Co-op Community Spaces for Boat Ramp rebuild. Discussed: letter from School Trustee re: school rebuild need for larger gym based on student needs; Emergency Prep funding options; Parks invoicing; staff evaluations.
  4. Bus Sponsorship: HICEEC President, John Heinegg, requested continued HIRRA sponsorship of Community Bus for 2019.
    M/S/C John Heinegg/Doug Chinnery “That HIRRA spend $2,000 from the Community Contingency Fund to sponsor the Community Bus Project for 2019.”
    Points from discussion: Contingency Fund not intended for ongoing annual costs. Bus will be free (donations accepted) as insurance increases if charging rider fee. Bus Feasibility Study report is available on-line. Most businesses are continuing sponsorships for 2019.
  5. Emergency Preparedness:
    M/S/C David Wiseman/John Heinegg
    “That the Emergency Preparedness Committee be increased to seven members.”
    Suggestion to make Emerg. Prep. a standing Committee and seek tax funding. Forty people attended the seven hour Earthquake Simulation event. Emerg. Prep. is testing handheld radios, setting up communications protocols with HIFR, meeting with school and clinic re: their role in an emergency, starting to develop neighbourhood teams.
  6. HIFR report: Presented by Fire Chief, Doug Chinnery. In summary: Budget on track; CVRD funding further landscaping; 20 students signed up for Cadet Camp including three in the “young officers” pilot program; second-hand 4X4 truck needs some upgrade work but still much cheaper than buying a new 64 truck; fire hall booked for Blues Fest class and federal voting place.
  7. Regional Parks/Trails report: Presented by Committee Chair, Betty Kennedy. In summary: plan to work with CVRD on Gull Rd. Trail project to upgrade link between Mclean and Fowler Roads; Seawright Rd. petition received and will be discussed with CVRD; permanent outhouse planned for Sandpiper in 2020 Capital Program; Devil’s Kitchen upgrade completed and enjoyed; gravel being spread on low spots of Roadside Trails; HIMBA applied for a permit for a Bike-Fest in June; CVRD applied for provincial grant for Boat Ramp replacement.
    Thanks from Privy Council for funding for permanent Sandpiper outhouse.
    re: School Trail. Parks planning to put gravel in low spots but not putting any entrance signs.
  8. HIES updates: Presented by Child Youth and Community School Programs Coordinator, Petra Chambers-Sinclair. In summary: HIES is key to retaining Community School status; funding has been declining; restructuring with part-time Finance Administrator and Child Youth and Community School Programs Coordinator rather than Executive Director; SD#71 upgraded Room to Grow electrical; available to rent again; programs up and running; Access Center and Greydawn Printing moving to Ringside Market; no more public washroom access; hoping to increase fundraising for larger gym rebuild and to start adult education programs.
  9. Area A Regional Director’s report: Presented by Regional Director, Daniel Arbour. In summary: appreciation for HIRRA’s local discussion and decision-making; met with Hornby and Denman housing groups re: possible tax-funding; septic workshop planned for Hornby; advocating for fibre-optic internet improvements for islands; plan to offer information on property tax notices. Daniel also sits on Regional Library Committee, Vancouver Island Train Committee, Federal Shellfish Advisory Panel.
    re: Train. Will take major funding and possibly increased freight shipping from Port Alberni.
    Q. re: Union Bay development. Approved for 3,000 homes over-all but starting with 80. Last available node of development around Courtenay/Comox.
  10. Community Announcements:
    1. Power outage: BC Hydro planned power outage date.
    2. HIRRA AGM: Date and call for volunteers for Committees and Exec. terms that have expired (Treasurer and President).
  11. Policy Revisions: Committee Terms of Reference proposed revisions displayed and reviewed.
    M/S/C Rob McCreary/Gary Burtinsky “That the Revised Committee Terms of Reference be approved as presented.”
    The remaining three policy revision documents were deferred to a future meeting.
  12. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm by general agreement.

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Minutes of HIRRA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

At the Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Linda Manzer, Vice President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Anita Lewis, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; Joanne Ovitsland, Bookkeeper, 41 other HIRRA members

Call to order: 7:38pm         

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the executive and Administrator and acknowledged Pentlatch First Nations territory.  

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general consent.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of March 13, 2019 meeting were read aloud and approved as presented by general consent.
  3. President’s Report: Presented by Rob McCreary. (Attached)
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Lynn Nunley and Joanne Ovitsland presented and reviewed the year-end Review Engagement from Presley and Partners Accountants, and a spreadsheet with summaries for each HIRRA Fund. (Attached) [See financial reports here: P&P year end report April 9-19 and 2019 AGM Fund Summaries]
    M/S/C Lynn Nunley/Doug Chinnery “That the 2018 Year-end Review Engagement prepared by Presley and Partners be accepted as presented.”
    Lynn Nunley/Jan Kennedy “That Presley and Partners Accountants be retained to produce a Year-end Review Engagement for 2019.”
    Suggestion to request that the Accountants send a representative to the AGM to present the Year-end Review Engagement.
  5. Tax-funded Committee Annual Reports:
     [See Committee reports here: Committee Reports to AGM April 10-19]

    1. Regional Parks and Trails: Presented by Committee Chair, Betty Kennedy. (Attached)
    2. Recycling and Waste Management: Presented by Recycling Manager, Stani Veselinovic. (Attached) Stani acknowledged the recent passing of former Depot employee Richard White.
    3. Recreation: Presented by Recreation Coordinator, Jade Wilson. (Attached)
    4. Fire Protection/First Responders: Presented by Fire Chief, Doug Chinnery. (Attached) [See HIFR report here: HIFR AGM Report April 2019]
    5. Community Hall: Presented by Committee Chair, Vicki Bale. (Attached)
    6. Comfort Stations: (Privy Council) Presented by Committee Chair, Nym Hughes. (Attached)
    7. Invasive Weed Control: Presented by Anna Zielinski and Eva Wetzel. (Attached) Photos were circulated of area with extreme Daphne coverage and area where Daphne has been systematically and regularly removed to return it to a native plant ecosystem. A simple handout for landowners regarding Daphne and other invasive weed issues was requested by a member. The Committee requested younger volunteers and/or help to organize volunteer work.
    8. Boat Ramp Committee: Presented by Committee Chair, John Struthers. (Attached)
  6. HIRRA non-tax funded Committee Annual Reports:
    1. Cemetery Stewards: Presented by Tina Wai. (Attached)
    2. New Cemetery Search: (By Ellen Leslie) Presented by Tina Wai. (Attached)
    3. Housing: Presented by Committee Chair, Daniel Siegel. (Attached) Disbanding as of 2019.
    4. Emergency Preparedness: Presented by Committee Chair, David Wiseman. (Attached)
    5. Fall Fair: Presented by Anita Lewis. (Attached)
  7. Community Announcements:
    1. Hornby Way: Daniel Siegel reported that the “Hornby Way” document has been revised and updated this year and will be posted to the HIRRA web-site as a PDF with embedded links.
    2. Sustainability Forum: Mary Mackenzie reported that the forum on April 6 focussing on water issues had a great turn-out of 87 participants. Input was requested on topics for future forums on Hornby sustainability.
  8. Elections:
    1. Executive: Vice-President (Linda Manzer) and Secretary (Anita Lewis) are half-way through their two-year terms. The President (Rob McCreary) and Treasurer (Lynn Nunley) terms are complete.
      Lynn Nunley is willing to stand for President. Rob called three times for further nominations for President. Sasha LeBaron nominated Daniel Arbour. Daniel declined. Lynn was declared elected by acclamation.
      Rudy Rogalsky is willing to stand for Treasurer. Rob called three times for further nominations for Treasurer. Daniel Arbour nominated Sasha LeBaron. Sasha declined. Rudy was declared elected by acclamation. Executive members serve two year staggered terms.
  9. Committees: For each of the following Committees, Rob called three times for further nominations. In cases where there were no further nominations, members were declared elected by acclamation. Committee members serve one year terms.
    1. Recycling: Jan Kennedy, Kathi Sauve, Ilze Raudzins, Barbara Baird, Alsoon Brine were willing to stand for re-election. Alpen Kelly nominated Judith Walmsley. Judith accepted. The ballot vote resulted in the following people being elected to the Committee: Jan Kennedy, Ilze Raudzins, Barbara Baird, Alsoon Brine, Judith Walmsley.
    2. Regional Parks and Trails: Betty Kennedy, Brian Kittleson, Sasha LeBaron, Rusty Harrison and Tom Rutherford were elected by acclamation.
    3. Community Hall: Melisa Devost, Judith Lawrence, Vicki Bale, Gabriel Jeroschewitz and Cathy Bonner were elected by acclamation.
    4. Recreation: Bill Hamilton, Eban Walmsley, Alexandra Lamont, Karen Young and Cindy Ackland were elected by acclamation.
    5. Fire Protection: Brian Amos, Tor Nawrot, Jim Garton, Don Peterson and Phoebe Long were elected by acclamation.
    6. Boat Ramp: John Struthers, Peter Walford, Colleen Work, Larry Wasserman, Mike Pedneault, Rich Ward and Sally Englund were elected by acclamation.
    7. Invasive Weed Control: Anna Zielinski, Ilze Raudzins, and Eva Wetzel were elected by acclamation.
    8. Comfort Stations: Nym Hughes, Chris Aikman and Tony Law were elected by acclamation.
    9. Cemetery Stewards: Gemma Colin, Iain Palmer, Larry Smith, Tina Wai, Margaret Pethick, Sylvia Elysiana and Gloria Herbert were elected by acclamation.
    10. Emergency Preparedness: David Wiseman, Russel Roy, Gary Burtinsky, Amy LeBaron, Helen Grond, and Albini Lapierre were elected by acclamation. It was noted that there is still one vacancy on the Committee. Volunteers can contact the Administrator to express interest in joining the Emergency Preparedness Committee.
    11. Fall Fair: Alsoon Brine, Gary Manzer, Anita Lewis, Alison Stevenson and Cori Roy were elected by acclamation.
  10. Appointments:
    1. HICEEC Board: Cath Gray and John Heinegg were confirmed by acclamation to be appointed to the HICEEC Board.
    2. Ferry Advisory: Rob McCreary was confirmed by acclamation to be appointed to the Ferry Advisory Committee. It was noted that there are other vacancies on the Hornby FAC and any volunteers may contact the Administrator to express interest in joining.
  11. Executive appreciation: Lynn appreciated retiring President, Rob McCreary, and presented him with a gift certificate to Seabreeze on behalf of the Executive.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:07pm by general consent.

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

At the Community Hall

Present: Lynn Nunley, President; Linda Manzer, Vice President;
Rudy Rogalsky, Treasurer; Anita Lewis, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 29 other HIRRA members and two new members;

Call to order: 7:34pm         

Introductions: Lynn welcomed everyone and introduced the Executive. Linda acknowledged Pentlatch First Nations territory and Rudy highlighted a point from the Etiquette of Meetings.

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of April 10, 2019 HIRRA AGM were read aloud and accepted by general agreement with one correction.
  3. Executive report: Presented by Lynn Nunley. In summary: CVRD has applied for Provincial grant for Boat Ramp; CVRD sent funding approval letters for all services; Crown Lands approved modifications to HIRRA lease for siting of Arts Centre; 2 Executive attended the RCMP meeting.
  4. HIAC report: HIAC Executive Director, Andrew Mark reported on progress since October 2018: HIAC Crown Lease approved; HIRRA sub-lease approved; ICET funding approved; applied for Heritage Canada funding. Next steps: finalize design plans and permits; hire building contractor; ideally start building in Fall of 2019.
    M/S/C Andrew Mark/John McLachlan “That HIRRA support the Hornby Island Arts Council’s grant application for Community Works Funding.”
    Points from discussion: Hornby and Denman share the same fund with gas tax contributions topped up each year. Current funds: HIAC fundraising: $170,000; HICEEC grant: $25,000; In kind design work: $100,000; Island Coastal Economic Trust: $175,000. Seeking $175,000 from Community Works as matching funding.
    If funding was not approved HIAC would scale down plans (or build in stages) and/or apply for grants with later deadlines.
  5. School update: Update from Geoff Manning sent by Vice-principal Alissa Pratt was read aloud (attached). Administrator gave a brief verbal report on Andrea Kaback’s PAC update on the gym situation from the CAST meeting. School Trustee Sheila McDonnell’s e-mail re: a meeting about the school rebuild was read aloud.
  6. School Gym: Judith Walmsley started a petition for having a full-size gym as part of the school rebuild. (Petition was presented.) The gym has multiple community uses. There are various ideas for fundraising (including Community Works Funding) and for advocacy.
    M/S/C Joanne Ovitsland/Bonita Wexler
    “That an ad hoc HIRRA Committee be established to further pursue advocating for a full-size school gym.”
    Donna Tuele, Bonita Wexler and Judith Walmsley volunteered to be on the Committee.
    Some points from the discussion: unlike many communities, Hornby does not have access to gym space outside of the school. Ministry needs to be informed of Hornby’s unique situation. Suggestion to lobby Health and Recreation Ministries to help fund a full-size gym.
  7. Policy revisions deferred from March HIRRA meeting: Revisions shown on screen and read aloud by the Administrator. Most of the proposed changes were updates to reflect existing protocol and wording.
    1. Employment and Contracting Policy: It was noted that ongoing contracts should be advertised as well as employee positions.
      M/S/C Daniel Siegel/Fred Hunt “That the revised Employment and Contracting Policy be adopted as presented.”
    2. Financial Policy:
      M/S/C Daniel Siegel/Andrew Mark “That the revised Financial Policy be adopted as presented.”
    3. Conflict Resolution Policy: There was general agreement that under point #6 the word “assure” be changed to “foster.”
      M/S/C Daniel Siegel/Rachelle Chinnery “That the revised Conflict Resolution Policy be adopted as amended.”
  8. Community Announcements:
    1. Insurance rates: It was noted that insurance rates continue to be positively impacted by the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation.
    2. Humanure processing: Ed Hoeppner reported that the CVRD has approved funding for a feasibility study for a proposed composting toilet residuals processing/finishing facility to determine the number of likely users and the viability of the project.
    3. Regional Director report: Director Daniel Arbour reported that the CVRD is hosting a Septic Maintenance workshop. They met with Islands Trust about septic regulations in rural areas and confirmed that the islands should be included. Daniel will be speaking on climate change at the CHI AGM. A member noted that “Climate Crisis” would be a more correct term.
    4. Sustainability Focus Group: Mary Mackenzie and Joanne Ovitsland announced that the Focus Group will make a presentation at the next Is. Trust meeting regarding regulations of Short Term Vacation Rentals.
    5. Fall Fair: Anita Lewis reported a Committee member has resigned. New volunteer needed.
    6. Spark: Quana Parker reported that the Transfer Agreement has been drafted and May 31 is the closing date for Spark to take over the old Fire Hall.
    7. Plant Sale and HIAC Group Art Show dates announced.
  9. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm.


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Minutes of future meetings will be posted after approval by the HIRRA assembly (usually at the following month’s meeting).
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