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Note: HIRRA did not hold a general meeting in January or August.

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HIRRA General Meeting Minutes

of February 20, 201, at the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Linda Manzer, Vice President; Anita Lewis, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 16 other HIRRA members; Regrets: Lynn Nunley, Treasurer;

Call to order: 7:35pm         

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged Pentlatch First Nations territory.

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of December 12, 2018 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  3. Executive report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary: reviewed budget reports. Draft year-end financials reviewed. Proof of insurance required from HIRRA tenants. 2% COLA approved for HIRRA employees. Letter of support for CVRD’s grant application for Boat Ramp rebuild. Approved proposed revisions to Employment and Contracting Policy. Submitting grant application to BC Hydro for Emergency Preparedness Committee.
  4. Recycling Waste Management report: Presented by Depot Manager Stani Veselinovic. In summary: 2018 waste and recycling shipment amounts reported. Amounts increasing over-all, with recyclables increasing the most. Solar panel power generation reported. Staff completed Occupational First Aid course at Fire Hall. Eye wash station purchased. Other staff safety training in progress. Appreciation to staff for snow clearing and salting. Fortieth Anniversary Celebrations went very well. Free Store volunteers seeking ten more volunteers at the Free Store and request only actual usable stuff be donated.
  5. Community Hall report: Written report by Committee member Melisa Devost read aloud. In summary: P/A sound system has been purchased and is planned for installation in March.
  6. Seawright Road Trail petition: Presented by Cristl Hansen. In summary: Seawright residents request HIRRA to create a walking/cycling trail beside Seawright Road to Sandpiper Beach for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, wildlife and vehicle drivers. Petition will be sent to Regional Parks and Trails Committee for consideration. Rob is willing to bring residents’ concerns to next meeting with Ministry of Transportation.
  7. Community Announcements:
    1. Ferry Advisory Committee: Karen Ross joining the FAC (representing HICEEC). Daniel Arbour joining the FAC (representing CVRD). FAC discussing options to address over-loaded summer ferries (e.g. extra morning sailing, double ferries) BC Ferries not taking action on overnight line-ups. Suggestion for all medical appointments to get priority loading.
    2. HICEEC staff and bus: Presented by Karen Ross. In summary: James Emerson has been hired as Administrative Support. Not applying for funding for electric bus this year as Boat Ramp was applying for same grant. $20,000 allocated by CVRD for summer bus. Trying to address issues from last year. Seeking volunteers for Bus Steering Committee. Bus across Denman part of long-term transit plan.
    3. Spark Society: Presented by Quana Parker. In summary: Crown Land lease transfer has been approved. Waiting for official documents from CVRD to transfer building ownership.
    4. Dates announced: Earthquake Simulation Training event. Sustainability Forum and Town Hall discussion. Heron Rocks Pruning Workshop and Seedy Saturday. Island Trust election.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm by general agreement.
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Minutes of future meetings will be posted after approval by the HIRRA assembly (usually at the following month’s meeting).
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