2018 Five-Year Budgets

2018 Recreation Budget

The Recreation Budget is based on a grant from the CVRD, usually disbursed in August.

The DRAFT 2018 Recreation Budget was presented and reviewed at the December 2017 HIRRA meeting. Due to lack of quorum, the Budget could not be passed at that meeting and will be again on the agenda for approval at the February 7, 2018 HIRRA meeting.

2018-2022 Draft Budgets

The following 2018-2022 draft Budgets were presented and approved by HIRRA members at the November 8, 2017 HIRRA meeting. The budgets have been sent to the Comox Valley Regional District for consideration and approval in Spring 2018.

Current financial plans and tax requisition amounts for each service can be found on the CVRD website.

Comfort Stations Budget 2018-2022

Community Hall Budget 2018-2022

Hornby Island Fire Rescue Budget 2018-22

Invasive Weed Control Budget 2018-2022

Regional Parks & Trails Budget 2018-22

Waste Management Budget 2018-2022

Property Management Budget 2018-2022

The 2018 Core Services Allocation is based on the budget approved by the membership at the September 2017 HIRRA meeting:

Core Services Budget 2018

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