Regulations & Procedures



The following is a list of regulations and procedures that must be followed by people or groups renting the community hall:

  • Appropriate permits must be obtained by the renter and displayed when food is sold/served and alcohol is sold/served.
  • Fire regulations permit the seating of no more than 207 persons.
  • Fire exits must not be blocked by chairs, props or any other obstacles.
  • All exit lights must be lit.
  • The renter must be responsible for the activities in the Hall, immediately outside the Hall and in the Hall parking lots.
  • The renter will be made aware of the location of fire extinguishers, phones and electrical switches.
  • Smoking or the use of burning substances is not permitted in the Hall except in the wood-stoves. The Booking Agent must be advised if the wood-stoves are to be used.
  • During evening events, parking lot lights are to be switched on to provide lighted access to vehicles.
  • Pets must be kept outside the building.
  • Any temporary alterations of the space, such as risers, must be approved by the Booking Agent.

Two Events on the Same Day

  • Renter A sweeps floors, (spot washes if necessary), empties garbage receptacles, cleans kitchen counters and washes and sanitizes dishes.
  • If the next event requires chairs on the main floor, it is the responsibility of Renter A to return the chairs to the floor.
  • Renter B sweeps floors, (spot washes if necessary), empties garbage receptacles, cleans kitchen counters and washes and sanitizes dishes. If the following event does not require chairs on the floor, it is the responsibility of Renter B to return the chairs to appropriate place.
  • Renters are only required to move the chairs once per 24/hours, AFTER SET UP.

Clean-up Procedure:

Garbage bags, paper, light bulbs and Polyfilla spackle for walls are stored in the cupboard next to the cooking stove. Mops and brooms are kept in the furnace room at the back of the stage.

Responsibilities of Renters:

  • Sweep floors throughout the Hall.
  • Wipe tables, clean kitchen counters and mop kitchen floor. (Floor requires very light damp mop only, no detergents.)
  • Turn off dish sanitizer following posted instructions.
  • Remove garbage from washrooms and Hall bins and place in grey garbage storage bin outside.
  • Remove refuse, bottles, cans and cigarette butts from the grounds and parking lots.
  • Floor mats must remain in place at the doors.
  • Track lights and bulbs must not be removed.
  • Return furniture and equipment to storage areas.
  • Stack leather chairs on the side galleries of the main room.
  • Return plastic chairs on trolleys to the storage annex Chair Room.
  • Return eight wooden tables to storage annex Chair Room. (Can be stacked if they are separated by padding.)
  • Fill holes made in the walls using Polyfilla spackle which is stored in the cupboard at right of cooking stove.
  • Turn all lights off upon exit– including stage, washrooms, entrance and parking.
  • Secure the building and storage annex Chair Room, assuring that all eight doors are locked – six hall doors and one storage annex Chair Room door and the Green Room door.

Revised March, 2017