Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Committee was formed in 2018 to research and coordinate information for a Hornby Island Emergency Preparedness Plan. Of course, the foundation for any emergency plan has to be individual, household and neighbourhood emergency preparedness, so education will be a big component of the Committee’s work.

The Committee is currently asking for people from each of Hornby’s neighbourhoods to volunteer as Neighbourhood Emergency Organizers (formerly called “Captains”). These Organizers will receive training and information about organizing neighbourhood meetings to review emergency preparedness information and identify neighbourhood resources and needs. Contact Committee chairperson David Wiseman if you are willing to be a Neighbourhood Organizer or alternate.

The Committee has already started gathering information from island organizations and businesses to develop a comprehensive list of emergency resources and identify any major gaps in preparedness.


The Emergency Preparedness Committee recently received a $500 grant from the Hornby Island Economic Enhancement Corporation to support their communications and education work.

Thank you, HICEEC, for supporting this important community work.

Emergency Preparedness Committee 2019

  • David Wiseman
  • Russel Roy
  • Gary Burtinsky
  • Amy LeBaron
  • Helen Grond
  • Albini Lapierre

Minutes of a Community Emergency Preparedness Meeting held in February 2018 that led to the creation of the HIRRA Emergency Preparedness Committee later that year.