Recycling Depot Vision & Mission Statements

Vision Statement – why are we here?, what is our future?

Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment.

The Hornby Island Recycling Program exists to responsibly collect and divert waste while promoting the concept of zero waste.

Mission Statement – how do we get there? what do we do?

The Mission of the Hornby Island Recycling Program is:

  • To transfer “absolute” garbage and recyclables to the appropriate off-island facilities until our goal of zero waste is achieved.
  • To maintain and operate a waste diversion and recycling facility, including a “Free Store”, for the benefit of island residents, visitors, local businesses and the environment.
  • To manage the diversion, recycling and reuse of the island’s waste in a way that is consistent with, or superior to, applicable government regulations, including environmental, health and safety.
  • To operate the Hornby Island Recycling Depot in a fiscally responsible manner where cost effectiveness is based on a full accounting of costs and benefits, both monetary and non-monetary.
  • To encourage and support a positive, respectful and safe environment at the Recycling Depot for all users, employees, and volunteers.
  • To ensure ongoing public consultation and communication among all residents and business operators, members of Hornby Island Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association and the Comox Valley Regional District.
  • To promote community education and support for continued waste reduction, reuse and recycling toward the goal of zero waste.
  • To measure progress toward the goal of zero waste, and revise practices accordingly.

Revised – Nov.2015