HIAC Proposal for Operational Funding

At the July 14 HIRRA meeting, the Hornby Island Arts Council gave a presentation reviewing the design for the new Arts Centre.

They also notified the membership that they will be bringing a motion to the September 8, 2021 HIRRA meeting regarding requesting the CVRD to provide annual maintenance funding for the Arts Centre.

For more information on the proposal, visit the HIAC website, stop by their Farmers Market table, or contact the HIAC Executive Director.

HIRRA Responds to Recent Tragic Events

Amidst recent traumatic news stories here in Canada and around the world, the Hornby Island Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association looks with dismay at the events of the past weeks. We mourn for the 215 Indigenous children whose remains were discovered at the Kamloops Residential School site and for the Afzaal family who were recently killed in London, Ontario.

We reject all mistreatment and violence toward people that is based on race, religion and colonialism, and hope that those who have lost so much will receive healing and comfort.

We pledge to join, in whatever ways we can, the efforts at reconciliation with and learning from both the First Nations of Canada and more recent additions to our cultural mosaic.

Covid Community Conversation Report

The Covid Community Conversation report has arrived and is available here: Hornby Is COVID Community Conversation Report, April 2021

The facilitators have taken all the notes and feedback from the April 11, 2021 community conversation by Zoom and created this final report with accompanying whimsical artwork by Rae Mate.

Thank you to HIRRA, HICEEC, HDCHCS, HIES and Hornby Co-op for financial support and to Resilience Initiative and Heron Rocks Friendship Centre Society for planning input.

Four Steps for Reopening BC May 2021

As BC prepares for the upcoming summer, the Provincial Health Officer outlined the process for gradual reduction of restrictions providing the Covid-19 case counts and hospitalizations continue to decline and the rate of vaccination continues to increase. To see the graphic enlarged, follow this PDF link: 4 steps for reopening BC

HIRRA AGM: Wed. May 12 by Zoom

The 2021 HIRRA Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 12,  at 7:30pm by Zoom video conferencing. There were annual reports from all HIRRA Committees and a year-end financial report from the accountants. Download it here: DRAFT Year-end Review Engagement 2020

Motions were passed to approve the Letter of Understanding with CUPE to establish an RRSP program for HIRRA’s unionized employees and to support extending the RRSP program to HIRRA’s non-union employees.

Finally, there were elections for three Executive positions, half of the Committee members (to implement staggered two-year terms) and appointees to the HICEEC Board and Ferry Advisory Committee. There is still one vacancy on the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Thank you to everyone who stood for election and all the members who attended to participate in local democracy.

BC Tourism Statement: “Stay Local”

Joint statement asking people to stay local to bend the curve

April 23, 2021: Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport; Brenda Baptiste, chair, Indigenous Tourism BC; Walt Judas, CEO, Tourism Industry Association of BC; Ingrid Jarrett, president and CEO, BC Hotel Association; and Richard Porges, interim president and CEO, Destination BC; have released the following statement asking all British Columbians to stay local unless its absolutely essential:

As the number of people with COVID-19 in B.C. continues to rise, we are asking British Columbians to not travel outside their local communities in order to help stop further spread of the virus.

People working at hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, transportation services, attractions and adventure tourism operations, Indigenous travel providers, restaurants, bars, cafes and many other travel-related businesses throughout the province are struggling following a difficult year of border closures and non-essential travel restrictions. While the tourism and hospitality sector has done an amazing job implementing rigorous health and safety plans to keep their staff and visitors safe, COVID-19 takes every opportunity to spread. Unnecessary travel is too risky right now.

We are asking British Columbians to listen to Dr. Henry and follow all provincial health and solicitor general orders.

Each of us must make difficult decisions in our daily lives to do the right thing. We cannot gather indoors with people outside our immediate households and we must avoid travel for leisure so we can bend the curve down again. The many people and businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry in B.C. need each of us to follow the rules without exception. Their livelihood depends on us all doing our part now so some travel can safely resume this summer and set these businesses on the road to recovery.

Lets support local businesses today by ordering take out, eating with our immediate household on a patio, picking up a coffee and enjoying it at a local park, visiting a local attraction or booking a staycation at a local hotel. Now is not the time to travel for leisure and risk spreading COVID-19.

The list of essential travel activities, which are permitted between regional zones, is included under the emergency program order, available here: https://news.gov.bc.ca/24287

At this time, we must listen to local communities that do not wish to welcome visitors yet. We have heard from many communities that are worried about the virus, its impact on their residents and health-care services, and have asked people not to visit. We must respect the wishes of Indigenous communities and First Nations given the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19. Know before you go is a great resource if you have any questions: https://www.hellobc.com/know-before-you-go

We are at a pivotal moment in our province and we must act now to protect the health-care system. We must stay local now so we can get back to travelling across our beautiful province and once again welcome visitors.

Help us spread the message: #WeAreAllConnected; #StayLocalSupportLocal #BCTourismCounts; #SaveOurSummer.

Most Bylaw Revisions Passed at March 2021 HIRRA Meeting

The Executive proposed revisions to the HIRRA bylaws to clarify Executive and Management Committee responsibilities and incorporate some of the recommendations of the Governance Review Committee. The proposed wording changes were discussed at the December 9, 2020 HIRRA meeting.
The Executive considered members’ feedback and made some adjustments to proposed wording.
Motions to approve the proposed changes were brought to the
March 10 HIRRA Zoom meeting. All but one of the changes were approved by the members at that meeting.  The proposed revisions may be viewed here: HIRRA By-law revisions Jan 25-21

Budgets Approved at Nov. 11, 2020 HIRRA Meeting

The next regular HIRRA meeting was held by Zoom video-conference on Wednesday, November 11 at 7:30pm. All tax-funded Committees (Fire Protection, Recycling, Regional Parks, Recreation, Community Hall, Comfort Stations, and Invasive Weed Control) presented their draft 2021 budgets for membership approval.  

The draft budgets may be viewed here: 2021 Reports (and budgets)

CVRD Covid-19 Enforcement Update
Aug. 25, 2020

Comox Valley local governments are supporting the Government of British Columbia in the effort to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by assisting with public education on new enforcement orders.

Local bylaw officers are not empowered to ticket or detain people over public health enforcement orders, any enforcement will be conducted by the local RCMP or provincial enforcement officers. Bylaw officers will pass along any complaints provided to the RCMP for follow-up.

Effective Friday, August 21, people acting in unsafe or aggressive ways at large gatherings or in businesses can be issued a fine or violation ticket by police and other provincial enforcement officers:

  • $2000 for hosting a private party or public event with 50+ people
  • $2000 for hosting a gathering without hand sanitation, enough space for physical distancing or washroom facilities
  • $2000 for having more than five guests attend an event at a vacation rental
  • $200 for anyone who refuses to leave a gathering or event when directed to do so
  • $200 for anyone who refuses to follow COVID-19 safety rules at a restaurant, gathering or event and becomes abusive or belligerent towards employees

 “Unsafe behaviour by a minority of people puts all of us at risk,” explains CVRD Board Chair and EOC Spokesperson Jesse Ketler. “As COVID-19 cases continue to rise globally, every single one of us has an important role to play. With the increase in cases in BC over these past few weeks, and new cases on Vancouver Island, we must remain vigilant. I urge our community not to become complacent – we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. We can all lead by example by practicing the safety measures the Provincial Health Officer has put into place.”

Local bylaw officers can help follow-up on concerns and engage the RCMP, health officers and WorkSafeBC as necessary. Contact Courtenay RCMP non-emergency line to report a concern.

Courtenay RCMP Non-Emergency Line: 250-338-1321

Local Government Bylaw Office hours of operation: Monday to Friday (8:30 -4:30 pm) Contact: CVRD: bylawenforcement@comoxvalleyrd.ca | 250-334-6000 | www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/bylaw

Residents are encouraged to please follow the CVRD social media channels @comoxvalleyrd on Facebook and Twitter, as well as visiting the CVRD website www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/covid19 to remain up to date on accurate information. All Comox Valley local governments are centralizing regional COVID-19 information through these channels.

The Emergency Operations Centre is standing by to support the lead agencies, Ministry of Health and Island Health, if requested at the federal and provincial level. The Emergency Operations team with representatives from the DND/19-Wing Comox, K’ómoks First Nation, CVRD, City of Courtenay, Town of Comox, Village of Cumberland, Fire Chiefs Association, and many other external agencies and organizations are working together to collaborate on response measures and best practices for the region.

For more information please visit www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/covid19

Hornby In the Time of Covid-19
July 20, 2020

Given the ongoing risk of a resurgence of Covid-19, we encourage all visitors, residents, and guests to follow the guidelines put forth by Dr. Bonnie Henry and the BC government.

Dr. Bonnie Henry’s Travel Manners from the BC Government Phase-3 website

  • Check before you go [Hornby reservations recommended]
  • Fewer faces in bigger spaces [use a mask in closer quarters]
  • If sick, stay home
  • Wash your hands [or sanitize]
  • Keep a safe physical distance [including in outdoor spaces, beaches and trails]
  • Come prepared, bring supplies [and take garbage away]
  • Respect travel advisories 

Be KIND: Please be considerate of Hornby’s precious environment by dealing with your garbage and recycling properly and conserving water. Our wells and septic systems often have limited capacity.

Be CALM: Hornby services have implemented provincially approved guidelines for cleaning and physical distancing to keep staff and patrons safe. Please be patient and understanding with these changes and note that many island businesses will have limited capacity throughout the summer.

Be SAFE: Help our Hornby Island Fire Rescue first responder volunteers by using extra caution, especially in outdoor spaces. Now is not the time to risk getting injured! It is also important to observe all local fire restrictions and campfire bans.

Thank you for respecting our home and enjoying Hornby Island responsibly.
We are all in this together!

HIRRA Covid-19 Updates 2020

As BC shifted into Stage 3 re-opening, HIRRA responded by opening some of our services, all with enhanced safety protocols.
The Recycling Depot is open for garbage and recycling drop-off, but no Free Store. The number of patrons allowed at the bins is limited to maintain physical distancing, so waits may be longer than usual.
The Community Hall is booked for an Art Show in August, but not for any musical or food events. 
Our public outhouses will be open with extra cleaning at Shields Rd., Whaling Station, Little Tribune Bay and Grassy Point. A permanent privy is planned to be installed at Sandpiper this summer. The Market outhouse is only open on Market days.
Recreation is planning some limited outdoor activities for resident island youth.
The Regional Parks and Fire Department are operating as usual with enhanced cleaning and distancing protocols. We encourage people to enjoy recreation safely for the sake of our volunteer Fire Fighters/First Responders.
The Hornby Clinic has implemented increased precautions. Full details are in their official notice:

Hornby Island Medical Clinic Update 2020:

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how medicine is being practiced worldwide. We at the Hornby Clinic are working with the ever evolving situation to strike a balance between offering care to residents of Hornby Island and keeping the clinic staff and building safe. As such, we are currently not able to offer the level of service that residents and visitors have become accustomed to. Please read the following carefully:

If the Hornby Island Medical Clinic IS your primary health care provider:

  • We continue to be available for your health care needs
  • We cannot currently offer any walk-in services. All visits must be pre-booked by phone
  • All appointments will initially be by phone. In person visits will be at the doctor or nurse’s discretion after having completed a consultation by phone. Phone appointments must be booked in advance.
  • Life Labs is available for lab requirements

If the Hornby Island Medical Clinic is NOT your primary health care provider (visitors):

  • We cannot currently offer any walk-in services
  • We cannot offer any non-emergency care. Contact your medical practitioner for all non-emergency care.
  • We cannot refill your prescriptions, dispense medication or provide routine care. The closest pharmacies are in the Comox Valley.
  • We cannot offer lab work. The closest lab is in the Comox Valley

If you have a life or limb emergency call 911. No one with a life threatening condition will be turned away. To receive medical advice, call 811.
If you are expecting visitors or operating rentals, a camp ground or accommodations, please make your visitors aware of the current medical service restrictions. Please help keep our medical practitioners, staff and community safe!


The Comox Valley Regional District and Islands Trust have collaborated to prepare a helpful pamphlet for island visitors and residents that is being passed out at the Buckley Bay ferry landing: CVRD Trust pamphlet July 2020

Visitors Welcome… But Later (May 2020)

Hornby Island normally welcomes visitors. At peak times, our winter population of less than one thousand swells to six or seven times that number. The well-being of our working populations and their families depends on this inflow of visitors. But the spread of COVID-19 virus now means that our community welfare and the welfare of all Canadians can only be assured if visitors remain at home.

At the national and provincial level, our public health authorities are urging people, as much as possible to stay at home. The more this happens, the more likely it is that our health facilities will be able to cope with the rising numbers of COVID-19 patients. This is acutely important here on Hornby Island.  We are a small community making us vulnerable and largely unable to deal with increased population during a pandemic.   Health facilities are meagre. We have only one doctor and no hospital. Evacuation of patients is dependent on the ferry system and the 4 helicopters that service the whole province of BC and those in turn depend for their operation on favourable weather conditions. The age group most vulnerable to the worst effects of COVID-19 is our elders. Two out of five Hornby year-round residents are aged sixty-five or more with 53% of the population aged over 60. We do have excellent Fire Department first responders and healthcare workers but their excellence requires that they themselves are not stricken with the virus. Hornby residents are now practicing social distancing and we urge would-be visitors to do the same by staying home.

As a result of our social distancing, Hornby facilities that might at other times service our visitors are largely shut down. The Co-op and the Ford Cove Store remain in operation but all other commercial operations have closed their doors until the pandemic is over. Arts and entertainment events that usually give vitality to visitors’ experience will not happen in the coming weeks and possibly months. The best way visitors can help is through social distancing which means simply, as our medical experts and government leaders say over and over, please stay home.

This too shall pass! We look forward to a time when Hornby will once again unhesitatingly welcome visitors.

Collective Agreement and Revised Recycling Budget Unanimously Approved Feb 12, 2020

The draft Collective Agreement between HIRRA and the Recycling Depot employees, represented by CUPE was unanimously ratified by the Recycling employees on Feb. 11 and then by the HIRRA members at the Feb. 12 HIRRA meeting.  The HIRRA membership also approved the revised 2020 Recycling Budget with an increase in wages/benefits to reflect the Collective Agreement.

The detailed Collective Agreement can be viewed here: Collective agreement Signed Jan 2020-Dec 2022. The approved revised Recycling Budget can be reviewed here: FINAL Recycling WM 2020 5 yr Budget .

Next HIRRA Meeting:

Sept 8, 2021 7:30pm by Zoom

Contact Administrator to register for the meeting.

Regular meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month except August and January.

We value our unique opportunity to self govern and respectfully acknowledges that we are meeting on the unceded traditional territory of the K’òmoks First Nation.

Ferry Location Tracker

Follow this link to view the real-time location of the Hornby and Denman Island ferries: Hornby/Denman Ferry Location

Water Sample Results

Water sample results for Hornby Island can be viewed via searching the Vancouver Island Health Authority web-site.

Comox Valley Regional District


The Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association (HIRRA) is a non-profit society registered in the province of B.C. since 1973. Through this association we have an opportunity to be self-governing. HIRRA administers our tax dollars, and as its name implies, membership is open to residents and property owners of the island.
See the About page for complete information.

Volunteer Appreciation

We wish to acknowledge and thank more than 60 dedicated volunteers, members of our community, who toil behind the scenes of HIRRA.  New members and new volunteers are always welcome (must be a Hornby resident of at least 6 months or a rate-paying property owner on Hornby).  New members are eligible to vote 42 days after registering.

In partnership with the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), volunteers on HIRRA Committees manage and oversee these services:
~ Fire Protection via Hornby Island Fire Rescue
~ Recycling and Waste Management including the Free Store
~ Community Hall maintenance
~ Regional Parks and Trails maintenance (including: Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park and adjoining Crown Land trails, Sandpiper Beach, Grassy Point, Hidden Beach, Clamshell Place, Periwinkle Place, St. John’s Point Road and Trallee Point, and the Hornby Roadside Trails)
~ Invasive Weed Control
~ Comfort Stations at various locations around the island (a.k.a. the Privy Council)
~ Community Recreation programs offered year round
~ Boat Ramp maintenance and management

HIRRA Committees also manage and oversee these services without tax funding:
~ Fall Fair organization
~ Cemetery maintenance and management
~Emergency Preparedness planning and education

HIRRA is responsible for the public well on Sollans Road and the Crown Land lease that provides space for the Clinic; Hornby/Denman Community Health Care Society building; Farmers’ Market and Hornby Island Arts Council. The RCMP building is located on HIRRA owned land, and the Savoie Centre building houses the Union Bay Credit Union and Hornby Island Economic Enhancement Corporation office.
HIRRA is truly at the heart of the island and the hard-working volunteers keep everything running smoothly for the benefit of the whole community. Please know how much we appreciate all that you give!

HIAC Approval for new Arts Centre 2018

The Hornby Island Arts Council (HIAC) received approval for their motion at the October 10, 2018 HIRRA meeting seeking approval to build the HIAC Art Centre on HIRRA’s Crown Land lease in the vicinity of the current Teen Trailer adjacent to the existing Gallery in the Woods.

HIAC is now seeking additional infrastructure funding and working with the design team to finalize the Arts Center plan. Current news and a design survey are available on the HIAC web-site.

To contact HIAC, e-mail: hornbyislandartscoucil@gmail.com or call (250) 335-2070

New Cemetery Land Needed 2017

In the spring of 2017 an ad hoc Committee was formed, charged with finding suitable land for a new Cemetery. The existing Cemetery can still accommodate cremated remains but has little room left for full body burials, so there is an urgent need for more suitable land. Contact the Administrator or Cemetery Committee members for more information.

The Cemetery Stewards are also pleased to announce that the Hornby Island Cemetery now has a space on the Portal for memorial plaques in remembrance of people who lived on Hornby but are not buried here. The plaques can be ordered through “Engrave It”, 4915 Island Hwy, N. Courtenay, (250) 338-6322. 
The cost for a high quality bronze plaque  3″ x 5″, including engraving is approximately $200.  There is a charge of $40 to have it installed on the Portal.
Please email Gemma Colin at gemmacolin1@gmail.com or Tina Wai at tina.waynewai@gmail.com if you are interested in doing this.

Rat Control 2013

From the November 13, 2013 regular meeting:
Rats and Us: Daniel Siegel created a worksheet on rat management and circulated to all at the November 2013 meeting. There are copies at the Co-op. Doug Shaw addressed the assembly on rat control methods. The Co-op is not licensed to sell rat poisons that are toxic to other animals. Several solutions were advanced. The question was asked can we give out traps? Toxic poisons are the last resort.

Download the rat control worksheet.