Dec 14 HIRRA Meeting Agenda

Email office@hirra.ca for an invitation to the HIRRA Zoom meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022, 7:30-9:30pm.

NOTE: Executive members will be at the Hall to share a device with any members who cannot otherwise connect to Zoom.

  • Minutes of the Nov. 9, 2022 Zoom meeting
  • Executive report and Community Announcements
  • MOTION to appoint Robbins and Co. Accountants to prepared the 2022 year-end review engagement report
  • MOTION to approve revising the Community Hall Capital budget to reflect the anticipated higher cost of replacing living roof membrane in 2023.
  • Fall Fair report
  • Regional Parks and Trails updates

Rogers Cell Tower Proposal

HIRRA recently received a hard copy of Rogers Cell Tower Proposal for a 63 meter tall tower (including 3m lightning rod) housing “numerous panel antennas and dishes” and having a small fenced and locked “compound” at the base containing “equipment necessary to operate the facility”, to be located in the old gravel pit between Recycling Depot and Spark building.
HIRRA was notified as a “neighbour”. Apparently a notice is coming in this week’s Grapevine inviting public comments.
An on-line public information meeting about the proposal is scheduled for Dec. 8 from 5-6pm (pre-register by Dec. 7 Email: . Public has 30 days (month of Dec.) to submit comments/questions.

2023 Budgets Approved at Nov. HIRRA Meeting

Thank you to all the HIRRA members, staff and Committee members who attended the Nov. 9 HIRRA meeting to review and approve the 2023 budgets and five-year financial plans. All the HIRRA tax-funded Committees 2023 draft budgets and five-year financial plans were approved and have been sent to the CVRD staff for their review and presentation to the CVRD Board. The Property Management budget was also approved.
View budgets on the 2023 Reports page.

The budgets are crafted by Committee volunteers, with support from HIRRA staff. The Executive reviews and approves the budgets before posting them here. Then CVRD staff will review the approved draft budgets before presenting them to the CVRD Board for final approval in early 2023.

Hornby Roads Meeting

Thank you everyone who responded to the on-line survey regarding roads issues. Not surprisingly, Ford Cove congestion, ferry line-ups and the corner at Sollans and Central (Hall) were identified as key safety issues. Pot-holes and road deterioration were the top maintenance issues.
Most people wanted more enforcement of “no overnight parking” signage and speeding through the playground zone. Also most people wanted more “no overnight parking” signage at beach accesses and Regional Park entrances.
HIRRA Executive members met with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) and other stakeholders about these Hornby Roads issues. There was extensive discussion about the congestion issues around Ford Cove, including the measures already taken and further plans to improve safety in the area such as designating a turn-around space for the bus, emergency vehicles, and delivery vehicles. The MoTI representative was very clear that they are not permitted to install speed bumps.
There are plans for further on-site meetings with MoTI staff and a Zoom meeting in the spring to prepare for summer. MoTI said they are planning to do more road repair in the coming year.
There was appreciation for the new signage at Little Tribune and Whailing Station and the line-painting and pot-hole patching that was done this summer

Zoom or in-person?

A few people have asked if HIRRA will be returning to in-person meetings. The Executive is exploring the logistics of hosting hybrid (Zoom and in-person) meetings when there is adequate fibre-optic bandwidth. Participation by Zoom has been consistently higher than previous attendance at in-person meetings. Many members have expressed appreciation for the ability to participate from home or when not on Hornby, so for now, meetings will continue to be by Zoom.

As an interim measure, the Hall will be open during HIRRA meeting times for members who cannot otherwise connect to Zoom to attend the meeting by sharing a single device with an Executive member.

Composting Toilet Residuals Project

At the October 12, 2022 HIRRA meeting, a majority of participants approved sending a letter to Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) requesting that the Comox Valley Sewerage Service (CVSS) accept stabilized composting toilet residuals from Hornby at their composting facility. Stay tuned for opportunities for further discussion and decisions about the Pilot Project details.

Background documents include the original Sept 2020 CVRD staff report on the Hornby Composting Toilet Feasibility Study. View here:  Composting Toilet Study
CVRD staff updated their report in Nov. 2021 based on feedback from the HIRRA Recycling Committee. View here: Composting Tiolet Study Follow Up 
CVRD staff gave a presentation to the Feb. 2022 HIRRA meeting. View here: Hornby Composting Toilet Presentation Feb 2022.
The CVRD page has more information on Composting Toilets here

Collective Agreement with Recycling Depot CUPE Employees Ratified

Thanks to the HIRRA negotiating team, Recycling Depot staff and CUPE representatives, the Collective Agreement bargaining was concluded successfully. The current Collective Agreement is in force until December 31, 2022, but in order to plan the Recycling Waste Management budget for 2023, negotiations took place in May.

The DRAFT Collective Agreement was presented at the June 8, 2022 HIRRA general meeting and ratified by the members. The Recycling Depot staff have also ratified the Collective Agreement. View the complete document here Draft_Collective Agreement 2023-26 . All changes are highlighted in bold in the draft Collective Agreement. Note that an error was found in the pay table on p. 28. The corrected table may be viewed here: Corrected C.A. wage rate chart May 22

HIRRA Annual General Meeting and Elections

The HIRRA 2022 AGM was held Wednesday, April 13 at 7:30pm by Zoom.

View Year-end Review Engagement draft document here: HIRRA Draft yr end review 2021
and the AGM Year-end Financial Presentation here: HIRRA 2021 yr end financials presentation

HIRRA AGM Committee reports Apr 13-22 
HIFR 2021 Annual Report for 2022 AGM

Volunteer Appreciation

Thank you to all HIRRA Committee volunteers (retiring, continuing and stepping up). There are still vacancies for the six positions: Recycling Waste Management member, Emergency Preparedness members, Fall Fair member, Boat Ramp member and appointee to the HICEEC Board. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, please contact the Executive Administrator for more information.

More than 60 dedicated volunteers, members of our community, work behind the scenes of HIRRA. 
In partnership with the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD), volunteers on HIRRA Committees manage and oversee these tax-funded services:
~ Fire Protection via Hornby Island Fire Rescue
~ Recycling and Waste Management including the Free Store
~ Community Hall maintenance
~ Comfort Stations at various locations around the island
~ Invasive Weed Control
~ Emergency Preparedness planning and education
~ Community Recreation programs offered year round
~ Boat Ramp Advisory to CVRD

HIRRA Committees also manage and oversee these services without tax funding:
~ Regional Parks and Trails Advisory to CVRD (including: Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park and adjoining Crown Land trails, Sandpiper Beach, Grassy Point, Hidden Beach, Clamshell Place, Periwinkle Place, St. John’s Point Road and Tralee Point, and the Hornby Roadside Trails)
~ Fall Fair organization
~ Cemetery maintenance and management

In addition, HIRRA is responsible for the public well on Sollans Road and the Crown Land lease that provides space for the Clinic; Hornby/Denman Community Health Care Society buildings; Farmers’ Market in the Copse, and Hornby Island Arts Council’s new Arts Centre site.

The Doris Savoie Centre building that houses First Credit Union and the HIRRA administration office, and the RCMP office are both located on land owned by HIRRA.

HIRRA is truly at the heart of the island and the hard-working volunteers keep everything running smoothly for the benefit of the whole community. Please know how much we appreciate all that you give!

Food Security Working Group updates

The Food Security Working Group has been meeting to brainstorm how best to support enhanced food security on Hornby. View the full Report on Hornby Food Security here:Hornby Food Security Report 01 18 2022

Covid Community Conversation Report April 2021

The Covid Community Conversation report is available here: Hornby Is COVID Community Conversation Report, April 2021. The facilitators took all the notes and feedback from the April 11, 2021 community conversation by Zoom and created this final report with accompanying whimsical artwork by Rae Mate.

Thank you to HIRRA, HICEEC, HDCHCS, HIES and Hornby Co-op for financial support and to Resilience Initiative and Heron Rocks Friendship Centre Society for planning input.

Next HIRRA Meeting:

December 14, 2022 7:30pm by Zoom

Contact Administrator to register for the meeting.

Regular meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month except August and January.

We value our unique opportunity to self govern and respectfully acknowledges that we are meeting on the unceded traditional territory of the K’òmoks First Nation.

Ferry Location Tracker

Follow this link to view the real-time location of the Hornby and Denman Island ferries: Hornby/Denman Ferry Location

Water Sample Results

Well water sample results for Hornby Island can be viewed via searching the Island Health drinking water web-site.

Beach water sample results can be viewed in the “North Island Beach Sampling Results” PDF on the Island Health recreational water web-site.

Comox Valley Regional District


The Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association (HIRRA) is a non-profit society registered in the province of B.C. since 1973. Through this association we have an opportunity to be self-governing. HIRRA administers our tax dollars via a multi-service contract with the CVRD, and as its name implies, membership is open to residents and property owners of the island.
See the About page for complete information.

HIAC Approval for new Arts Centre 2018

The Hornby Island Arts Council (HIAC) received approval for their motion at the October 10, 2018 HIRRA meeting seeking approval to build the HIAC Art Centre on HIRRA’s Crown Land lease in the vicinity of the current Teen Trailer adjacent to the existing Gallery in the Woods.

HIAC is now seeking additional infrastructure funding and working with the design team to finalize the Arts Center plan. Current news and a design survey are available on the HIAC web-site.

To contact HIAC, e-mail: hornbyislandartscoucil@gmail.com

New Cemetery Land Needed 2017

In the spring of 2017 an ad hoc Committee was formed, charged with finding suitable land for a new Cemetery. The existing Cemetery can still accommodate cremated remains but has little room left for full body burials, so there is an urgent need for more suitable land. Contact the Administrator or Cemetery Committee members for more information.

The Cemetery Stewards are also pleased to announce that the Hornby Island Cemetery now has a space on the Portal for memorial plaques in remembrance of people who lived on Hornby but are not buried here. The plaques can be ordered through “Engrave It”, 4915 Island Hwy, N. Courtenay, (250) 338-6322. 
The cost for a high quality bronze plaque  3″ x 5″, including engraving is approximately $200.  There is a charge of $40 to have it installed on the Portal.
Please email Gemma Colin at gemmacolin1@gmail.com or Tina Wai at tina.waynewai@gmail.com if you are interested in doing this.

Rat Control 2013

From the November 13, 2013 regular meeting:
Rats and Us: Daniel Siegel created a worksheet on rat management and circulated to all at the November 2013 meeting. There are copies at the Co-op. Doug Shaw addressed the assembly on rat control methods. The Co-op is not licensed to sell rat poisons that are toxic to other animals. Several solutions were advanced. The question was asked can we give out traps? Toxic poisons are the last resort.

Download the rat control worksheet.