The Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association (HIRRA) is a non-profit society registered in the province of British Columbia since 1973.

Over the last four decades, HIRRA has grown into an essential island organization responsible for managing numerous island services and, through a contract with the Comox Valley Regional District, overseeing a large amount of local tax funding. We also provide an open forum for community discussions and reports by other local organizations.

HIRRA depends on the dedicated input of over 60 volunteers who serve on the HIRRA Executive and Management Committees. The Management Committee members oversee the practical details and budgeting for each of the HIRRA services.

HIRRA membership is open to all long-term residents and property owners of the island. Attend a monthly HIRRA meeting or notify the Administrator if you wish to become a member. Off-island guests are also welcome to attend HIRRA meetings.

HIRRA Vision

Revised: 2018

The aim of the association is to contribute to the ongoing evolution of a vibrant, self-governing community that supports and nurtures the well-being of all islanders and of the island itself.

This will be achieved by:

  1. providing a forum for democratic participation, open to all and respectful of diverse views for discussion and resolution of community issues,
  2. expressing the spirit and will of the community to government and other agencies,
  3. providing information to the public,
  4. fostering coordinated efforts among the volunteer groups active in the community and,
  5. administering certain public services.

Tax-funded community services administered by HIRRA in cooperation with the Comox Valley Regional District are: Hornby Island Fire Rescue, Recycling & Waste Management, Regional Parks and Trails, Community Hall, Community Recreation, Comfort Stations, and Invasive Plant Control.

Self-funded community services administered by HIRRA are: Cemetery Management, Emergency Preparedness and the annual Fall Fair.

View the PDF of the HIRRA Committee Handbook Policy Compilation Mar 2023 for HIRRA’s current Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and other useful info.

Minutes of HIRRA Committee meetings are available for viewing by HIRRA members by contacting the Administrator.

Contact Us

By Phone:

(250) 335-1131


E-mail the HIRRA Administrator via the contact form.

By Post:

Hard copy communications can be left at HIRRA Free Post box at the Hornby Island Co-op Store
put in the drop-box at the HIRRA office at the Doris Savoie Centre at 2115 Sollans Rd, Hornby Island
~ or ~
sent to
Hornby Island Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association
4305 Central Road
Hornby Island, BC
V0R 1Z0