Map of HIRRA lands

HIRRA owns the Community Hall and Doris Savoie Centre buildings along with the land they are built on. First Credit Union and the HIRRA administration office share the Savoie Centre (formerly the community Clinic building). An electric vehicle charging station is located in the parking lot. The RCMP office is also located on HIRRA owned land.

HIRRA has a long-term lease on the Crown Land parcel between the Savoie Centre and New Horizons. This land is home to:
the Hornby/Denman Community Health Care Society offices and medical Clinic,
Hornby Island Arts Council Arts Centre
and the Copse community park where the Farmers’ and Artisans Market is held in the summer.

In 2018, HIRRA had the lands surveyed. The resulting map is available to view here: HIRRA Lands Aug 2018

HIRRA lands are in the central public use area of the island with numerous other public services located nearby. These two satellite overlay maps show how HIRRA lands relate to other properties and organizations in the area: Central Use satellite maps-Dec 2019