2014 Minutes


HIRRA’s Guide to Meeting Etiquette

February 12, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Lynn Nunley, President; Daniel Siegel, Vice President; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator, Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper and 19 members.

Lynn Nunley introduced the executive and HIRRA’s guide to the etiquette of meetings.

Minutes: The minutes of the Dec/13 meeting were approved as read by general consent.

General discussion arising from Community Announcements: The method of submissions to BC Ferries to voice opinions about proposed service changes was discussed as this is a current topic.

Recycling Committee: Jan Kennedy, Chair, reporting.

  • “Recycling Committee has been very busy: We met informally a number of times in January to look closely at the overall Depot site plan, traffic flow and the placement of the new Free Store.
  • At the regular monthly Recycling Committee Meeting, with Tom Boatman of CVRD in attendance, the options for where the new Free Store would placed were thoroughly reviewed. There was general agreement to place the new building in the same area as the current building, and to locate the new Product Care Building at the east end of the new Recycling Building.
  • A public Design Group Meeting, the 8th in this more than 2 year long process, was held on Feb.1st. It was well attended by staff and volunteers of the Depot and the Recycling Committee. It had been well advertised and was attended by an additional 9 community members.
  • A proposed Budget for the Free Store Project, totaling $170,000 as approved by CVRD, was presented and reviewed.
  • The overall Depot Site Plan and options for the placement of the Free Store was presented and discussed.
  • A motion was made to locate the new Free Store in the same general area as the existing building, and was passed unanimously.
  • The needs of CVRD in terms of liability and insurance regarding the construction of the new building were reviewed. It was noted that architect and engineer’s fees can represent 40% of an overall project’s cost. In order to be financially prudent, the Committee stated that they consider a pre-engineered building to be the best option.
  • There was some discussion of needs in the new building, i.e. wood floors, skylights, heat. It was pointed out by Stani, that to begin heating the new building will represent a significant change and would increase the Depot operational expenses
  • A Project Logistics Plan and Timeline was presented.
  • A request was made for people who would like to engage with the process by: helping the Committee with research, developing plans for the interior use, exterior landscaping and reviewing an overall Free Store Design once it is developed by the Committee.


  • The Recycling Committee is continuing to explore and assemble quotes for all viable options for a new Free Store Building.
  • We are working with the CVRD to understand the purchasing policies and procedures that CVRD requires so that we can dovetail our explorations and choices to their requirements.
  • We are in process to have a Purchase Order created for the 2 – 53′ Shipping containers which will house the contents of our Free Store during the construction phase. This process will give us a chance to experience the procedure and its timelines.
  • Once we have completed our research, we will sit down with a local builder as adviser, to choose the best option and draw up a plan to bring to the Free Store Working Design Group, and HIRRA for their input.
  • After that input and approval, we will be ready to move through the Procurement Process for each aspect of the construction process -i.e. building itself, foundation, electrical work, erection of building, any added construction needed, etc.
  • We plan to be ready to empty the current Free Store and begin the construction process next fall after the summer busyness.”

M/S/C Jan Kennedy/Donna duPlessis, “That HIRRA approves $170,000 for the construction of a new Free Store at the Recycling Depot”. In the absence of a quorum, there was discussion only. There were questions about the financial structure of this tax funded project. These will be addressed at the CVRD budget presentation on Hornby Island on February 19th.


  • Letter from CHFR requested sponsorship from HIRRA for the annual fee of $200. The executive approved this with funding from the general funds.
  • The Recreation Committee has received an $8000 provincial Gaming grant for recreation programming.

Appointment of Nominating Committee: There was discussion about the number of committee members serving each function and the recruitment of volunteers. The Hall Committee would be fine with 3 members according to current chair Judith Lawrence. If people are interested in serving on a nominating committee, please contact the executive.
The committee chairs will be asked to assist in recruitment in the absence of a nominating committee.

Town Hall Discussions:

  • Ferry Service Proposed Reduced sailings: Tony Law encouraged all to continue to participate with the consultation process offered by BC Ferries.
  • Evidence indicates that the rat population seems less.
  • Nominations are being received for citizens to be considered as recipients of Islands Trust Stewardship awards. More information available on the Islands Trust web site.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

___________________ _____________________________
Lynn Nunley, President Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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March 12, 2014 (AGM)

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes of Annual General Meeting, At the Community Hall

Present: : Lynn Nunley, President; Daniel Siegel, Vice President; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper and Janet LeBlancq, Administrator and
54 members. New member: Sylvia Allan. Guests: Daniels sister and husband from the East Coast.

Welcome: all asked to sign in “Book of our Participatory Democracy”

Call to Order: at 7:40 P.M. by Lynn Nunley.

Introductions: Lynn introduced the executive and administrator and HIRRA’s guide to the etiquette of meetings.

Minutes: Minutes of the February meeting were approved as read by general consent.

Ferry Advisory Committee: Rob McCreary reported that the committee continues to work on lobbying the gov’t to reconsider its course of service reductions that will negatively impact our island. Rob commended Tony Law for his efforts to lobby the government on this issue.
Rob was thanked with applause.
M/S/C Bonita Wexler/ Tony Quin, “That HIRRA strongly urge the retaining of the Friday night 9:30 P.M. sailing from Buckley Bay through to Hornby Island and that HIRRA members request a meeting with the Minister of Transportation to discuss the service of BC Ferries to Hornby Island.”
Carried by unanimous vote.

HICEEC appointee: Rudy Rogalsky has resigned and we request a volunteer. Cath Grey is the second HIRRA appointee to HICEEC. There will be a HICEEC report at the April HIRRA meeting.

Financial Report: Carol Quin, treasurer, introduced the financial reports with a summary of HIRRA’s financial roles and responsibilities. The Review Engagement report of Presley and Partners and HIRRA’s committees’ financial summaries were highlighted by Janet LeBlancq and Basil DuPlessis. It was noted that accumulated operating surplus funds will be carried forward to the 2014 budgets for all tax funded services.
M/S/C: Carol Quin/Lynne Carmichael, “That we approve the financial reports as presented.”
Carried by unanimous vote.

There was a request that the executive and membership of HIRRA study and advise on the policy governing reserve funds which currently total approximately $100,000. The executive noted that this policy is under review.

Appointment of Auditors:
M/S/C: Carol Quin/Tony Quin, “That Presley and Partners be appointed for a review engagement for 2014 fiscal year.”
Carried by unanimous vote.

Annual Committee Reports

President’s Report: Lynn Nunley and Daniel Siegel authored an article that was published in the March 1st Edition. A portion of this was read and is appended to these minutes.
President’s Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Recycling Committee: Jan Kennedy’s report is appended to these minutes.
M/S/C, Jan Kennedy/Reina LeBaron, “That HIRRA approves the building of a new Free Store at the HI Recycling Depot in approximately the same location as the old building, knowing that the maximum amount being borrowed by the CVRD is $110,000.”
Carried by unanimous vote.
Recycling Committee Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Fire Protection/1st Responders: Fire Chief, Giff LaRose’s report is appended to these minutes. There was a brief discussion regarding the using of available forest wood as firewood thereby minimizing the threat of forest fires. It was noted that volunteers would be needed to assist any such program. There was a study on this topic several years ago which can be reviewed. Retiring committee member Lu Ackerson was presented with a “Fireman’s Boot” full of flowers. It was noted by the administrator that Lu has served HIRRA since 2000, first as Secretary on the executive committee and then from 2005 – 2014 as chair of the Fire Protection/1st Responders service committee. There was sustained applause.
HIFR Annual Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Community Hall: Judith Lawrence’s report is appended to these minutes. It was noted that the Community Hall housed 451 events in 2013…..a most busy building!
Hall Committee Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Regional Parks/Upland Crown land Trails: Betty Kennedy’s report is appended.
Regional Parks Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Recreation: Donna Tuele’s report followed a stand up exercise break led by Bonita Wexler, rec coordinator. The report is appended to these minutes.
Hornby Recreation Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Cemetery Stewards: Eva Wetzel’s report is appended. It was noted that there is a need for a new cemetery space sometime in the future; a volunteer is needed to take on the search for a site.
Cemetery Committee Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Roadside Trails: Andrew Carmichael’s report is appended. New ideas…new people are welcome.
Roadside Trails Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Fall Fair: Gary Manzer reported that volunteers are being recruited to fill vacancies of retiring members Gemma Colin, Florette Maclean, Carole Chambers and Linda Manzer. The new owners of the Farm have offered to host the fair.

Privy Council: Janet LeBlancq reported situation normal at Comfort Stations.

Invasive Plant Busters: Janet reported that Eva Wetzel is joining Anna and Ilze in this noble undertaking. A report filed by Anna Zielinski is appended to these minutes.
M/S/C: Donna Tuele/Donna DuPlessis, “That the annual committee reports be approved as presented.”
Carried by unanimous vote.
Invasive Plant Program Annual Report for 2014 HIRRA AGM

Elections: Daniel Siegel assumed the Chair; all elected by acclamation’

Election by Acclamation March 12, 2014

Executive   Term expires
President Lynn Nunley 2015
Vice President Daniel Siegel 2016
Treasurer Carol Quin 2015
Secretary Rob McCreary 2016

  1. Jan Kennedy
  2. Kathi Sauve
  3. Ilze Raudzins
  4. Barbara Baird
  5. Alsoon Brine
Hall Management

  1. Judith Lawrence
  2. Janey Bennett
  3. Paul Clemens
  4. Clair Cronia

  1. Donna Tuele
  2. Gord Campbell
  3. Tim Chapman
  4. Eban Walmsley
Fire Protection

  1. Jim Garton
  2. Tony Quin
  3. Brian Amos
  4. Kevin Woods
  5. Garth Millan
Regional Parks

  1. Betty Kennedy
  2. Tyler Manson
  3. Brian Kittleson
  4. Sasha LeBaron
  5. Rusty Harrison
Cemetary Stewards

  1. Eva Wetzel
  2. Gemma Colin
  3. Margaret Sinclair
  4. Margaret Pethick
  5. Larry Smith
  6. Tina Wai
Privy Council

  1. Allan Beattie
  2. Gill Beattie
Fall Fair

  1. Gary Manzer
  2. Alsoon Brine
  3. Glen Hadden
  4. Margot Bushnell
  5. Holly Morgan
  6. Pat Mullan
  7. Carole Germaine

  1. Andrew Carmichael
  2. Dan Johnson
  3. Butch Leslie
  4. Lindsay Allen
Invasive Plant Control

  1. Ann Zielinski
  2. Ilze Raudzins
  3. Eva Wetzel

  1. Cath Grey
Ferry Advisory Committee

  1. Rob McCreary

Adjournment: The AGM adjourned at 9:40 p.m. by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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April 9, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Lynn Nunley, President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Daniel Siegel, Vice President; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator and 30 members. Lynn welcomed all and introduced the executive.

Minutes of the March 12, 2014 AGM were approved as read by general consent.

Executive Report: Lynn Nunley reported as follows:

“Hornby Island Arts Council (HIAC) and Hornby Artist’s Run Gallery (HARG) are collaborating/sharing costs to build a structure for exhibition/etc. on their crown leased land, 5 + acres between the hall and the Joe King. The development of the area includes vehicle access and parking. The exec met with John Grunewald and Sylvia Allan to hear plans and see what collaboration is helpful. An integrated parking system is a project under discussion.

The Parks Committee had announced that there would be an open house on April 26 from 10-2, it has been rescheduled for May the 31st. Mark your calendars. Also a word from Betty, who is unable to attend tonight, she thought it would be a good idea to invite other committees to have an information table at this open house. If you want to do this, please call Betty at 2633.

For a number of years, each executive member has assigned themselves to one or another committee. This year Daniel will sit with the Hall committee, Rob with the Fire Committee, Carol with the Recycling. Please know that if your committee wants an executive member to attend a meeting or more, contact myself or Janet.

At our AGM last month, all the committee’s slates were filled but one. I am asking to spread the word, looking for interested volunteers for the Fall Faire committee. Any takers?

Sad to say, HIRRA, will not be calling the Easter Bunny in Copse this month. We will call the Easter Bunny next year.”

Carol Quin introduced the following motion:

M/S/C Carol Quin/Lu Ackerson “That HIRRA approves the transfer of $1467.28 from HIRRA’s General Fund to the Fire Services Budget to pay 2014 Core services shortfall in respect of administrative changes instituted by the CVRD.” Carried by unanimous vote.

Ferry Advisory Committee: Rob announced that the revised schedules for ferry service will take effect April 28th to June 24th; these are posted to the B.C. Ferries web site. In summer, the former full service schedule will be in effect with the reduced services beginning again in the Fall. Tony Law was thanked for his work.

Recycling Capital Project Free Store Rebuild: Progress report: Jan Kennedy reported that the tendering process will not exclude non bonded contractors. Committee is investigating the possibility of doing a wooden building. Have created a preliminary drawing of a building that measures 30X60 feet on a concrete slab. Recycled materials will be used as much as possible. A local artist will do a drawing to be available at the depot for viewing. The roof will be metal; the building will not be insulated. The costs for heating the uninsulated building are prohibitive. There are plans for a wooden floor overlay. There was concern that the winter volunteers would be cold. Discussions concluded with a thank you to Jan and the committee for their work.

Fire Protection/1st Responders Service: Fire Chief Giff LaRose introduced the topic of emergency responses and mental illness issues in the community. Rachelle Chinnery participated in this discussion. The Crisis centre at St. Joseph’s can be called; if there is a threat to safety, call 911. Our being two ferries away from RCMP/paramedics attendance is problematic. Hornby has hosted mental health support training. Volunteers were thanked; staying out of harm’s way is a priority of volunteer fire fighters and 1st Responders. There was general discussion regarding how to get help for a mentally unstable community member. Low staffing levels at the RCMP station was perceived as the reason for delay stated when called for attending the March incident. Clarification: Doug Chinnery stated that the RCMP, when responding to a call on Hornby, need three members, one of whom must be a boat operator. During the March incident reported in the media, the RCMP were called at 10 PM; they were called again as the situation escalated. They attended at approximately 1:30 A.M. Usually the RCMP call members from off duty to respond to such a call rather than leave the Comox Valley understaffed. It was agreed by general consent that a letter to CVRD Area A Director and the RCMP be prepared by the executive and the fire services committee expressing concerns re the RCMP’s inability or unwillingness to respond to calls even from people trained to work in difficult, potentially dangerous situations which could involve violence and possible injury of volunteers and that this letter be presented to the May HIRRA assembly for approval

Hornby Island Community Economic Enhancement Corporation: (HICEEC)

John Heinegg, Chair of the HICEEC Board, read a report, reproduced in its entirety:

“The past year has seen significant turnover in the HICEEC board. At our 2013 AGM, Darren Bond, Rachelle Chinnery, and Daniel Siegel resigned, and Andrea Kaback, Rudy Rogalsky, and Katherine Ronan joined. In the summer, Matthew Fredbeck resigned, and in the fall, Gerald Hodge and Catherine Gray joined. In February, both Rudy Rogalsky and Gerald Hodge resigned. Although the current five-member board meets HICEEC’s constitutional requirement of a minimum of three directors, the Board would welcome new members, especially those from the island’s younger population, which is currently under-represented on the board.

With this change in board membership came a shift to a more active, hands-on approach to management. To adjust to the new board conformation, and to help meet the CVRD’s requirement that HICEEC update its Strategic Plan, HICEEC entered into consultation with Meaghan Cursons, which led to wholesale revision of the Plan.

Subsequently, Ms. Cursons reviewed HICEEC staffing. In light of the significant expansion in HICEEC’s resources—from $40,000 to $60,000 annually, with access to a reserve fund of almost $90,000—Ms. Cursons recommended that HICEEC eliminate the executive director position and redefine staff needs on the basis of the Strategic Plan. Thus, along with an administrator to manage the day-to-day affairs of the organization, the staffing would include focused positions such as community economic development facilitator, marketing manager, survey developer, and writer. The Board—specifically, the HR Committee—would develop staff contracts and procedures and assume responsibility for managing the contracts.

The Board has now done that, has hired an administrator, and has posted for a community economic development facilitator. Recent and current HICEEC projects include:

  • Advocacy with BC Ferries—gathering input from community members on the economic effects of schedule cuts, creating a report, & submitting it to the Min. of Transportation.
  • Support for the Health Care Assistant training program
  • Support for the Island Gallery’s new Arts Centre
  • Support for the Hornby Island Studio Guide
  • A grant to ISLA for hiring a fundraiser
  • Spearheading the Carpentry Apprentice Program
  • Assuming responsibility for the Hornby-Denman Tourist Guide
  • Sponsoring a social enterprise workshop for this spring

Projects under consideration include:

  • Establishing a shoulder-season Island Agricultural show
  • Enhancing our marketing strategy to include social media, mobile, and media attraction
  • Establishing a more comprehensive web-based events calendar
  • Establishing “brown bag” lunchtime meetings for local businesses
  • Conducting an online survey of existing Hornby businesses on how HICEEC can best help them be more successful

HICEEC was founded under the Canada Corporations Act, which basically dates back to 1917. That act was replaced in 2009 with the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, and HICEEC has until October 2014 to make the transition to the new act if it is to maintain its status as a nonprofit corporation. This will require substantially revising the constitution and bylaws. It will also provide the opportunity for HICEEC to change its name to something not-alphabetical.

HICEEC is currently preparing the paperwork for the transition, and expects to have it completed by the end of May. To avoid having to hold two AGMs—one for the old HICEEC and one for the new—HICEEC will instead delay the AGM. Normally, the AGM is held in May; we’re currently looking at holding it in late June.”

There followed general discussion: Summary of points raised:

  • HICEEC membership is open to residents of Hornby Island.
  • Public accountability and transparency are high priorities for HIRRA.
  • HICEEC is tax funded and there is a reserve fund (ie) tax funding in CVRD reserves.
  • HICEEC was originally a committee of HIRRA; would a return to this form be advantageous?
  • HIRRA has not yet appointed a second member to serve on the HICEEC board.
  • John Heinegg and Cath Gray were thanked for this report and the information sharing.

Comfort Stations: Allan Beattie gave background for a special projects budget of $2500 to include the construction of a replacement screening fence at Whaling Bay privy and surveying this public beach access. It was noted that attempts by CVRD to locate the boundary pins were unsuccessful. Drawings of the fence were available for viewing.

M/S/C Allan Beattie/Stani Veselinovic “That HIRRA approves $2500 special project funding for improvements at the Whaling Bay Privy.” Carried with one opposed.

Adjourned at 9:30 P.M. by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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May 14, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Lynn Nunley, President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator; Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper and 22 members. New members registering: Diana and Mike Robertson and Keith Klaver.

Lynn introduced the executive and called attention to HIRRA’s Guide to the Etiquette of Meetings.

Minutes of the April 9, 2014 meeting were read. Correction noted: “Whaling Station Bay” rather than Whaling Bay. The minutes were approved as revised by general consent.

Executive Report: Lynn Nunley reported: “On May 5th the executive attended a meeting with CVRD senior staff including Debra Oakman, Chief Administrative Officer and Director Jolliffe to review the changes to the CVRD/HIRRA service agreement. Earlier today we met the RCMP members who will be serving Hornby this summer. Many representatives of our local services were in attendance. Rob McCreary added that the RCMP invited public drop in at the detachment during the summer. There was brief discussion.

Regional Parks: Betty Kennedy stated that the open house will be May 31st ; it will be a local services public information/consultation event and will accommodate other committees; members of the recycling and fire department committees and staff have stated they will attend. It will be held from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Community Hall. Chef Ben will have the Round Room Café happening and there will be complimentary coffee. CVRD regional parks staff who will attend are Doug DeMarzo, Brian Allaert and Karin Albert. Members of our Regional Parks committee will also be in attendance.

Fall Fair Committee: Alsoon Brine reporting: Margot Bushnell, Gary Manzer, Alsoon Brine and Glen Haddon are the four members on the committee. More volunteers needed: should be a seven person committee. Date of the Fair: Sunday September 14th
The theme of the 2014 Fall Fair is Fruit: Trees, Nuts, Berries and Cakes.

The Hornby Island Land Use Bylaw and the Community Plan is under revision and the Islands’ Trust is hosting public meetings for public review of the revisions and opportunity to talk with planners. It was emphasized that this is an important review for all community members to undertake.

RCMP letter: Rob McCreary read a draft and there was discussion. There were some edits recommended which were noted by the secretary. It was requested that the word volunteer always precede “fire fighters and first responders”. The 911 protocol was described by Giff LaRose. The revised letter will be reviewed by the fire services committee and chief prior to mailing. This was agreed by general consent.

Recreation: Donna Tuele Committee chair, presented the 2014 budget, comprised of CVRD funding and community recreation grant funding. The grant applicants for 2014 were: Hornby Island Education Society requested $7500 and Tennis Lessons for kids requested $600. In November, 2013 a direct access grant of $8000 was awarded the HIRRA recreation program. The budget was reviewed line by line. Expanding summer sailing program includes adult lessons. New Horizons grant funding was received last year. Disc golf promotion is underway.
M/S/C Donna Tuele/Donna DuPlessis, “That HIRRA approves recreation grant funding of $7500 to Hornby Island Education Society and $600 to Hornby Island Tennis Society and the 2014 budget detailing projected expenditures of $48,430.” Carried.

BC Ferries: Contact information for a BC Ferries customer relations was passed out to all members. Members of the Hornby/Denman ferry advisory committee are available to hear our concerns especially around the schedule changes. Donna Tuele spoke of the frustrations of committee members. Several islanders have visited Don MacRae’s office to tell of islanders’ discontent over the lack of connections on our ferry runs from Hornby to Buckley Bay that the new schedules have caused.

Adjournment: at 8:45 P.M. by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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June 11, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Daniel Siegel, Vice President, Chair; Lynn Nunley, President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator; Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper and 29 members. Daniel introduced the executive and called attention to HIRRA’s Guide to the Etiquette of Meetings. New members: Angela and Calvin Read.

Minutes of the May 14, 2014 meeting were read by Rob McCreary. Members of the HIRRA Fire Protection committee are noted as attendees at the May 5th CVRD/HIRRA meeting together with the HIRRA executive. The minutes, with this notation were approved by general consent.

Carol Quin read an email communique from a Denman islander that told of a recent damaging weekend involving a dance at the Denman Hall followed a serious car accident involving a power outage on both islands and stolen vehicles.

Hornby/Denman Ferry Advisory Committee: Rob McCreary, HIRRA appointee to the committee, reported. The entire report is appended to these minutes. There was brief general discussion.

Executive Report: Daniel reported that the letter to the RCMP is expected to be in final draft stage in the next couple of days.

Regional Parks: Betty Kennedy summarized the public consultations. The maps that identified park areas were helpful, especially to those property owners who were park neighbours. There will be further consultations in the summer with neighbours of Tralee Park and Clamshell beach access park together with CVRD staff and members of HIRRA’s regional parks committee.

Recycling: Manager Stani Veselinovic appreciated the opportunity to share information about the MMBC and the new free store. He thanked Betty Kennedy for including all in the May 31st open house.

Fire Chief Giff LaRose reported that the open house day was helpful in an exchange of information about the fire hall renewal planning.

Comfort Stations: Allan Beattie reported that the Whaling Station Bay privy fence has been built; there was discussion about erecting a sign. There was a brief discussion about the most suitable area for the placement of the portable privy at Sandpiper beach access park. There will be further consultations.

Fire Hall Renewal: Giff stated that the fire hall committee has met with the architect and an ad hoc committee of design experts from Hornby have also met with the architect. Discussions have been interesting as the groups have been looking at what rooms are needed, what will the rooms be used for? They have developed a project schedule; the November election date can be the date we are offered the referendum to vote yes or no to the fire hall. Community meetings are planned to show the design, and other details of the proposed fire hall with the architect in attendance. These meetings will be scheduled for July. Alan Fletcher has been hired as the project cost consultant. There is also a sustainability consultant.

Cemetery: Eva Wetzel reported that the portal designed by Bill Cannon will cost an estimated $3000 for materials and labour. Eva showed a miniature portal which will take the place of the current mundane entryway to the cemetery. Some of the best area for interments can be freed up with a new routing of the entranceway. The portal will potentially house a map and there could be a bench in the structure. Dean Samuel is the carpenter of choice to build this, as recommended by Bill Cannon and the committee agreed.
M/S/C Judith Lawrence/ Donna duPlessis, “That we allocate $3000 from HIRRA’s general fund to the cemetery committee for the building of the portal as described.”

Fall Fair Committee: New appointees Carol Germaine, Holly Morgan and Pat Mullan join Alsoon Brine, Glen Hadden, Margot Bushnell and Gary Manzer for seven member committee.


There was a request for the suggestion of community groups to invite to present information at a future HIRRA meeting: Suggestions included: Hornby Island Athletic Association, AKA Joe King, water stewardship (under the umbrella of Heron Rocks Friendship Society), the Kitchen, (under the HIES umbrella) and the CHFR radio station.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M. by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

On Tuesday May 27th, the Denman-Hornby ferry Advisory Committee met with BC Ferries representatives for our semiannual Spring meeting.

Key items discussed included the following:

  1. The possibility of setting up a system whereby a set number of Hornby vehicles could be given guaranteed access on the 8:00 AM sailing from Denman West to Buckley Bay, ensuring that those Hornby travelers lining up early for the 7:30 AM Shingle Spit sailing could know that they will get to Buckley Bay by 8:20 AM to allow for early or day-long commitments off-island. According to BC Ferries, this will be easy to accommodate once the new terminal renovations at Denman West are completed – the new terminal will have a number of parallel line-up lanes similar to Buckley Bay. Such a system already exists on Quadra Island for Cortes Island travelers going to Campbell River. BC Ferries just requires agreement by the Hornby & Denman FAC reps. This will be worked on prior to completion of the Denman West terminal.
  2. BC Ferries was asked if the expected savings from implementing the cable ferry between Denman West and Buckley Bay could be applied to reducing fares on the route. Ferry staff stated that the expected savings were already factored into the new, increased fare levels.
  3. There seemed to be a rumor that BC Ferries was going to up the cut-off time for getting on sailings at Buckley Bay, of particular concern for the last return sailings. BC Ferries confirmed that this is not the case, and that current practice will continue.
  4. BC Ferries stated that renovation work on the Denman West ferry terminal would start immediately and that the Cable Ferry was scheduled to be operational in the summer of 2015. Also, the Kaloke is going in for a re-fit in October this year and will be gone for 1 month – the Tenaka will substitute. It was also mentioned that a re-build of the Denman community boat launch will go ahead and take 1 year to complete. The meeting was also told that starting June 18th, 20 foot plus vehicles & vehicle-trailer combinations would get a fare break on the Duke Point/Tsawwassen crossing and the Swartz Bay/Tsawwassen crossing from 4:00PM onwards on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is a pilot project to try to boost under-utilized runs.
  5. BC Ferries was asked to consider having a schedule option on their website that shows the Buckley/Denman and Denman/Hornby ferry sailings side by side to facilitate traveler understanding of the ferry connections. They will look at it.
  6. Possible coordination of Buckley Bay arrival & departure times and bus route connections at Buckley was discussed in light of the recent schedule changes. Island Link’s schedule is tied to the ferry schedule at Departure Bay, and so can’t be adjusted. The Comox Valley Regional District is willing to look at the sailing changes and see if they can make adjustments.
  7. BC Ferries was asked to re-visit the way fare information is presented on ferry tickets to make fare information more clear. They agreed.
  8. BC Ferries re-committed to setting up a sign at Denman West that will indicate when the ferry is in shuttle mode. Should be done soon.
  9. The proposed elimination of the ferry night watch position was discussed. BC Ferries assured the meeting that they would seek OK from BC Ambulance before this took place.
  10. The most animated discussion took place around needed adjustments to the new off-peak ferry schedule, something most Islanders have strong feelings about. BC Ferries is open to making adjustments, but has to stay within the financial cut-backs imposed by the current provincial government (e.g. it’s possible to swap runs of equal cost, but not to just add runs). The Denman/Hornby FAC is going to be having meetings with BC Ferries staff over the summer to refine the schedule to the best arrangement possible given the limitations we are faced with. Issues already known to be of high community concern are too short/too long times between some ferry connections, the mid-day gap between sailings, the lack of early Saturday morning sailings, and the last Friday evening sailing off Hornby that doesn’t connect with Buckley Bay. Over the next month, your FAC will be asking for Hornby community input for any other concerns and the relative importance of all of them. We will do our best to fix as much as we can given the limitations we’re faced with, but we do need information from the community. Hornby FAC reps on this task are Tony Law, Donna Tuele and myself. Please get your information to us as soon as possible. BC Ferries has said that they’ve received complaints about all aspects of the new schedule with no clear consensus on the most important issues. We need to know the community’s highest priorities so that we can make the best out of the current situation. Please let us know and pass on this information to others. Thanks.

/Rob McCreary/JLeB

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July 9, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Lynn Nunley, President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator and 20 members. Lynn introduced the executive.
New members registering: Sarah Gifford, Dwight Davis and Peter Shostek.

Minutes of the June meeting, read by Rob McCreary were approved by general consent.

Executive Report: Lynn reported the following:

The letter to the RCMP regarding protocols has been sent. Lynn and Rob met with the RCMP officer in charge of the Hornby detachment for follow up discussions.

HIRRA’s reserve fund was briefly explained. The reserve fund revenues are derived from rental incomes, primarily from the RCMP and the Union Bay Credit Union. The executive is currently reviewing the reserve fund policy; it was noted that the reserve funding would be needed for a 3 month emergency funding if CVRD agreements were in any way disrupted. Financial statements for the past several years are being reviewed to ascertain what the financial needs might be were such to occur. The CVRD tax based funding for the building of a new community hall needs to be further investigated. Also a Savoie building maintenance plan forecasting costs over 5, 10 and 15 years is being formulated.

Miscellaneous: Judith Lawrence reported that a June dance at the Hall was discussed at a meeting with the RCMP attended by the hall committee chair Judith Lawrence and Lynn Nunley, Hall Booking agent. The RCMP noted a lot of illegal drinking at this event, advertised as a non-alcohol serving event. The RCMP suggested a $500 damage deposit as a curtailment to these behaviors. Liquor permits, security and unregulated drinking were broadly discussed.

People were encouraged to participate in the Island Trust upcoming meetings on the land use bylaw revisions.

Fall Fair Sunday, September 14, 2014: Gary Manzer reported that advertising will be earlier this year for the convenience of the growers and producers of fine goods that enter the judgment circle! Volunteers to assist with the fall fair preparations are welcomed. Contact Gary Manzer if you would like to participate.

Roadside Trails: Andrew Carmichael identified the roadside trails differentiated from the mountain trails. He summarized maintenance work on one area between the gas bar and the big tree. Funds are used for materials; work is done by volunteers. Ongoing maintenance funding will need to be pursued; Andrew looking to pass on the trails mantle. A paid maintenance person would be a benefit. The trails were funded through grants applied for by the committee. Denman is doing trails in partnership with the CVRD. It was suggested that we obtain information as to Denman’s funding for roadside trails.

A member noted that parking at Little Tribune Bay beach access is very crowded. There was discussion.

Community Updates:

Dwight Davis, Treasurer, Board of Directors Hornby Island Athletic Association, operators of the Joe King Ball Park complex reporting:

Dwight noted that the HIAA board has adopted a policy of no licensed event parties at the Ball Park this summer as they are working toward making the ballpark a community fun place. HIAA operates a Laundromat and public showers, both sources of revenue. They have hired a part time attendant for daily general supervision on site. The board voted to have the Kitchen operate out of the ball park club house next year. The security for dances, when supplied by off island personnel, is very expensive. Dwight wants to eventually head up a maintenance committee.

A special thank you to the HIAA board was offered by Vikki Bale, president of Hornby Island Education Society for the productive negotiations toward having the kitchen move to the Joe King clubhouse. There was applause.

  • Tennis court will be on the maintenance list for upgrading.
  • People are encouraged to become members of the HIAA and assist in the changes being planned.
  • Current HIAA Board of Directors: George Buvyer, President; Charmaine Logan, Secretary; Dwight Davis, Treasurer and directors at large Stephanie Wells, Bob Nixon and Scott Kittleson. A membership driven operation is the goal.

Question: can pickle ball be played outdoors at the Ball Park tennis court? This will be referred to the recreation committee and coordinator.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M. by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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Minutes of Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association (HIRRA)
Minutes of Regular Meeting September 10, 2014 at 7:30 P.M.

Present: Lynn Nunley, President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Daniel Siegel, Vice President; Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator and 29 members. Lynn introduced the executive.

New members registering: Romana Frey, Eric Crawford, Lorena Madill.

Lynn introduced the posted agenda and explained how to have subjects on the agenda of our regular meetings. Write to any of the executive or administrator indicating the topic you wish discussed. Daniel Siegel informed the assembly that the executive will be using Call to Order as a guide to meeting protocol if and when needed; Roberts Rules of Order will be consulted as a final authority. The agenda was approved by a show of hands.

Community Announcements

Donna Tuele reported a great summer for the community recreation and it goes on. There were 42 people on the full moon walk last Monday.

The Community Kitchen is relocating to the Joe King Ball Park.

Minutes of the July meeting were approved as read by general consent.

Community Hall: Judith Lawrence reported a very busy summer for the community hall. Robyn Walford resigned from the hall committee; there is a need for another volunteer. The Hall pre-booking meeting is September 1 6th Judith explained the process of early booking of the hall for the 2015 summer. There was a brief discussion regarding hall rental rates and the need for these to be uniformly applied to users.

Tor Nawrot, preconstruction coordinator for the Fire Hall renewal project reported that “we

have a design and are now ready for the next stage of public discourse.” There will be an information booth at the Fall Fair and there are public information meetings scheduled. Design committee has worked to come up with a second design which is on display tonight. The cost

estimates for the revised design are expected tomorrow so will be available at the fall fair information booth. Tor summarized the benefits of the project: post disaster building, safe training for volunteer fire fighters, to name just two. Our home insurance rates will be reduced due to greater efficiencies in firefighting capabilities. The question was asked, “what

magnitude earthquake will the building survive?” The architect is building to a 50% higher standard than the BC building Code requires The building is 8500 square feet The cost is a

concern, there was discussion re the final cost. What about steel Quonset huts for the fire trucks The architects studied these They are not post disaster buildings and they have a 20 —25 year life span whereas the proposed fireHall complex has a 50 year life span. The roadway to High Salal is a ceterrent for fire tanker trucks accessing and so they may not be

able to benefit from the lower insurance rates until road upgrades are done This is being studied. The selection of the architect was by the select committee and the chosen architect was also the lowest cost. The borrowing was briefly explained. There were questions about tax increases before the project being given approval. CVRD has paid $67,000 project costs to date. The CVRD must adhere to regulations in the operation of fire protection services. The construction of two hospitals one in Comox and one in Campbell River will cause a shortage in qualified labour in the event there is a stall in the fire hall approval process. This is one reason
why the CVRD may choose to hold the referendum in November, such timing also saves an estimated $8000 as the vote can be at the same time as municipal elections. Tor was thanked.

Fire Department/First Responders: Fire Chief Giff LaRose reported summer was busy with 45 calls which consisted of: 1st responders{:26; 5 duty officer calls; 4 brush fires; 2 structure fires; 2 MVA’s; 3 public service; 3 RCMP assists. The planning for volunteer recruitment is in full swing. Currently there are 13 fire fighters, four recruits and four auxiliary. A member asked “Why doesn’t BC Ambulance have a presence on Hornby Island?” The number of call outs is a factor; staffing an ambulance station would be a challenge. Should there be plans for a future ambulance station in the new fire hall? One truck bay is sized for an ambulance. There is planning toward an enhanced First Responders program which will include participation by Emergency Health Services/BC Ambulance. The CVRD is engaged in this initiative.

There was a question about how fire bans are decided. We are in the Coastal Zone and follow their lead in declaring fire bans. The Fire Chief can initiate a local ban if conditions warrant such.

Recycling Program: Manager Stani Veselinovic noted that planning the Free Store has taken up a lot of time of committee members, staff and volunteers. Free Store rebuild tenders will be opened Sept 16 at 2 PM at the CVRD boardroom. The Free store is closed in preparation to deconstruct the current building. New product categories in recycling legislation has proved challenging for the public and the staff. Different sorting, storage, comingling and shipping of recyclables has had to be learned. It was a very busy summer at the depot, with visitors from far and wide. The expanded parking area, created this year was helpful.

There was a member request that batteries be accepted on more than just Fridays each week, to accommodate people who work Mon – Friday and visit the depot only on week-ends.

,Appointment to HICEEC: Daniel introduced Romana Frey and recommended her as HIRRA’s 2nd appointee to the Hornby Island Economic Enhancement Corporation board of

directors. Romana was project coordinator of a CVRD review of economic enhancement initiatives on both Denman and Hornby Islands several years ago.

MIS/C Daniel Siegel/Donna Tuele “That Romana Frey be named as HIRRA’s appointee to HICEEC.” Approved by general consent.

How Was Your Summer? Discussions summarized (Pun Intended) Litter along the island road ways is a concern.

MIS/C Donna Tuele/Donna DuPlessis “That we approve the spending of up to $50 from HIRRA’s General Fund to pay for treats and garbage bags on a volunteer island roadside clean-up day to be organized jointly with the recreation committee.” Approved by general consent.

The gravel left on the bike lanes along Central Road was a concern. This issue will be taken up with Highways. It was suggested that there be opportunity for member input into these meetings between highways and the HIRRA representatives.

Kathi Mukai was applauded for her Big Tribune Beach litter pick up on such a regular basis.

Mowing the boulevards when birds are nesting and cutting tree branches in the middle of June Is not in keeping with the Island Trust mandate. These concerns will be on the agenda of the highways meeting.

Little Tribune litter was mentioned. It is gathered by paid HIRRA beach clean up personnel.

So many people parked at Little Tribune beach access that safe vehicle maneuvering was very difficult.

It was a very long dry summer and we are grateful that we had no fires. Propane camp fires are allowed.

It was generally agreed that the interface of dogs and humans on the busy market days poses a potential safety risk, especially to small children. A letter will be drafted to the Farmers’ Market cooperators to begin a conversation about this safety concern.

Can there be controlled burns of debris wood in the parks as a means of reducing wood fuel? This has been studied by the fire department. At this point, areas adjacent to the walking trails on the mountain are being targeted for removal of wood debris as a regular part of the park maintenance program.

The fire ban was welcome.

Other: Absentee land owners will have the ability to vote in the November elections from their off island locations.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M. by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President                                                Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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October 8, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : : Lynn Nunley, President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator; Bruce Jolliffe, Area A director; and 54 members.
Absent with regret: Carol Quin, Treasurer; Daniel Siegel, Vice President
New members registering: Pam Gordon.
Lynn introduced the executive; HIRRA’s Guide to the Etiquette of Meetings was referenced.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved as read by unanimous consent. President of the Hornby Island Athletic Association, George Buvyer was thanked for assisting in the initiative to host “The Kitchen” at the Joe King Clubhouse, beginning in November.

2015 HIRRA Core Services Budget detailing expenditures of $55,740 was presented by the administrator. Should HIRRA Core Services be added as a line item on the property taxes? This suggestion will be considered.
M/S/: Andrew Carmichael/Stani Veselinovic That the 2015 Core Services budget be approved as presented.” Carried with 3 abstentions.

Community Announcements: There is continued concern about rat infestation. Is there anything HIRRA can do? Could we have a bounty? Suggestions included “No open compost piles”. The last HIRRA and Co-op rat control initiative resulted in written guidelines made available in the Hardware department of the Co-op. These guidelines will be published in local media. Tim Biggins suggested group purchasing of effective traps. Pete Kimmerly has a solution he will share …cats and a sprayed potion. This topic of rat invasion resonated with the assembly. The roadside litter clean-up will be scheduled in the near future.

Recreation committee: Donna Tuele reported that the committee wishes to apply for a direct access gaming grant.
M/S/C Donna Tuele/Donna DuPlessis, “That HIRRA approve the recreation committee’s applying for the gaming grant for programs.”

Fall Fair Summary: Alsoon Brine reported a successful fair with a relatively new committee. There were 41 booths…35 vendors and 6 non-profit fund raising and information booths. There were 65 contenders for prizes in the various categories. The judges that come from the Comox Valley all said this is their favorite fall fair. Expenses this season included the purchase of three 10X20 tents which are now tucked away carefully for the winter. Total expenses were $5800, and $5400 revenue. Donations at the gate netted $3900 after payments to winning exhibitors. Will the Farm host the fair next year? This is not yet known.

Free Store Rebuild: Stani has contacted the contractor but does not yet have a start date.
Hoping to build and open the Free Store by February, 2015. The budget is tight and extra monies will be needed to complete the interior and the electrical. Director Jolliffe was thanked for his role in supporting funding for the rebuild. There was applause.

Fire Hall Renewal: Area A Director, Bruce Jolliffe offered information about the planning process toward the building of the new fire hall. The original design has been pared down. On September 30th the CVRD approved the third reading to proceed to a November referendum. However, the referendum will not proceed on November 15th due to design and costing revisions resulting in insufficient lead time to advertise early enough to comply with the regulations. The CVRD could elect to reschedule a referendum or do an alternate approval process. There will be a select committee meeting on Friday; design and costing revisions will be reviewed.

Tor Nawrot gave an update on design alterations and pricing changes. Plan now proposed is costed at $1.786 million with a 5% contingency factor. Design is acceptable to the fire department. $232,000 is the total of the preconstruction costs. $180,000 will be the cost of the second tanker truck necessary for achieving Fire Underwriter’s Accreditation that could result in lower fire insurance premiums. Volunteer fire departments are eligible to meet the standards of the Underwriters association. Total cost is over two million. CVRD needs to borrow $1.6 million. $119,650/year is the cost of borrowing. $24 will be the tax increase in 2015 based on a $455,000 home. The CVRD is looking to all possible grant funds that may be available to fund this capital project.

Questions from the floor; responses by Tor and Bruce:

Preconstruction cost breakdowns are on the CVRD website.

There was a question about the role of stationary neighborhood tanks in water supply amounts necessary to meet accreditation standards. The shuttle tanker truck can deliver appropriate amounts of water to meet requirements.

In response to a question about the total figures, Tor noted that the process is evolving so the numbers are subject to revisions.

There were concerns about the cost. Economy on the island is inching down. With the cost reduction and size reduction (firehall) … do we know what we are getting? Senior fire fighters (present) have looked at the reduced square footage design and are satisfied. The design and costing is still in process. The paying of interest on the loan and its effect on the operating budget of the fire department was discussed.

What is post disaster for Hornby Island? This has been addressed by the structural engineer. Design is based on a 50% greater standard than the BC building code requirement.

The fire fighters need the new fire hall. They want to spend time in the fire hall, needing a pleasant place. This would enable fire fighters to be quicker in response time.

The process has come under serious questioning. There have been some good questions and as a result the design has changed. The new size and new costs are the result of a lot of hard work by the select committee.

Some energy efficient systems have been removed from the original design. Will this increase the operating costs? The alternate approval process was explained.

A question on the LEED standard. Does the CVRD require LEED certified? It is thought that CVRD does not require LEED certification but builds to LEED standard which is a cheaper option. The exercise room in the current plan is small. Total of 7300 square feet seems tight.

Where did the $1.8 million cost estimate come from… a 2008 cost estimate was done by a consulting firm. The Oyster River fire hall is 8300 square feet cost 1.5 million in 2005. Today that would probably be double. $300 per square feet is the usual cost. The slope of the road is a concern. Trucks may have difficulty getting up the slope.

How will the alternative approval process be advertised? The ads will be through local media, and on the CVRD web site. When the final plan is ready, the community will be informed. The cuts made to the design have all been approved by the senior fire department officers. who are members of the select committee. The insurance savings are very significant. Commercial entities and High Salal residents will not be eligible for insurance savings. Keep in mind the scale of the project; Downes Point is probably not eligible for the insurance rebates due to road access limitations similar to High Salal.

Ferry Advisory Committee update: Rob McCreary noted that our ferry is being replaced by the Tenaka for approximately 2 months. BC Ferries is having to shuffle ferries around to enable a re-fit elsewhere. The Island Grapevine will have an article about the establishment of a system of reserved Hornby spaces at Denman West for the 8 am ferry connection to Buckley Bay.

Emergency Preparedness: Ian Thomson has just returned from an emergency preparedness conference in Ottawa. He reported that BC ranks poorly in emergency preparedness versus other provinces. We are the least prepared.

Due to the lateness of the hour the Farmer’s Market summer wrap up report was deferred to a future meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 10 pm by general consent.

Lynn Nunley, President
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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November 12, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Daniel Siegel, Vice President; Rob McCreary, Secretary; Carol Quin, Treasurer; Basil DuPlessis, Bookkeeper; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator; and 38 members.
Absent with regret: Lynn Nunley, President
New members registering: Janice and Don Beckner and Deborah and Don Peterson.
Daniel introduced the executive; HIRRA’s Guide to the Etiquette of Meetings was referenced.

Minutes of the October meeting were read. It was noted by the fire chief that senior officers are not members of the Fire Hall Select Committee. The minutes were approved as corrected by general consent. Tim Biggins has free rat traps available on request. Tim Biggins requested a discussion regarding agenda formation and, can a member spontaneously request a discussion at the conclusion of HIRRA’s business agenda, time permitting.

Executive Report: Motion: Carol Quin/Lloyd Bragg, “That HIRRA approves a general fund expenditure of $1000 for the purchase of fireworks for 2015 as requested by the fire chief.” There was discussion about a pass the hat system for funding fireworks. Carried with two opposed. It was noted that donations for fireworks can be requested.

Fire Protection/1st Responders: Giff LaRose, Fire Chief, detailed the HIFD five year plan which is appended to these minutes. 2015 operation expenditures total $165,783 and equipment upgrades of $9700 and water tank maintenance of $5000.
Motion: Tim Biggins/ Lu Ackerson “That the five year budget plan be approved as presented.” Carried with one abstention. There were revisions to the spreadsheet needed. These will be corrected prior to submission to CVRD.

Recycling/Waste Management: Stani Veselinovic highlighted the five year budget plan, appended to these minutes. The 2015 budget forecasts operating expenditures of $235,385.
Motion: Giff LaRose/Butch Leslie: “That the five year budget plan for the recycling/waste management program be approved as presented.”Carried with one abstention.

Community Hall: Judith Lawrence presented the community hall five year budget plan (appended to these minutes) forecasting 2015 operating expenditures of $45,000 and capital improvements of $24,000. The leaky roof will be replaced in 2016.
Motion: Judith Lawrence/ Fred Hunt, “That the five year budget plan be approved as presented.” Carried with one abstention.

Comfort Stations: Allan Beattie presented the comfort station five year budget plan (appended to these minutes) detailing 2015 forecasted expenditures of $12,000.
Motion: Allan Beattie/Eva Wetzel, “That the Comfort station five year budget plan be approved as presented.” Carried with one abstention.

Invasive Plants: A letter from the Invasive plant committee was read; the committee requested $1500 for 2015 control program. Eva Wetzel spoke on behalf of the committee providing some detail on plants to be eradicated.
Motion: Kathy Mukai/Tim Biggins “That HIRRA approves $1500 for invasive plant control in 2015.” Carried.

Regional Parks five year budget plan: The administrator explained that this budget plan has been delayed and will be presented at the December meeting. The delay was due to the fact that this is the first five year plan the committee has undertaken and CVRD staff and HIRRA committee members were on vacation. The inclusion of new parks to maintain also contributed to budget plan challenges.

Fire Hall Rebuild: The administrator read the following response from James Warren, CVRD staff on the issue of voter confidentiality in the alternate approval process:

“During all alternative approval processes (AAPs), the CVRD legislative services department is responsible for receiving elector response forms and ensuring the personal information contained on each form is protected from disclosure. Forms that are handed in at the front counter of the CVRD or that are received through the mail are immediately placed in a confidential envelope that is stored in a secure location. Further, education is given to any staff who may handle these records to ensure the staff understand the records contain personal information and that information must be protected. The only staff to have access to the forms are those who are involved in administering the process. As corporate legislative officer, I follow all aspects of the local and provincial legislation to protect personal information and administer the AAP.”

Tor Nawrot presented information regarding the process of the fire hall renewal. Everyone is invited to the fire hall on Saturday, November 29th 2 -5 pm where the final proposed design will be presented. Some details of grant funding were explained.

Free Store rebuild: Stani reported that the contractor is expected to begin soon. There will be local crew hired if available.

Ferry advisory committee: Rob reported that efforts continue to have reserved spots for Hornby vehicles on the 8 am ferry from Denman west to Buckley Bay. Cable ferry terminals are scheduled to be finished construction in January 2015. The construction of the cable ferry has begun. Route 21 and 22 schedules may be presented side by side on the web site to assist travelers. The Kahloke will return to service in December. The end of the terms of office of FAC members will be in January 2015.

Open forum: There was discussion concerning having opportunity to bring business to the floor at the conclusion of the regular meeting agenda, should there be adequate time and general consent of the assembly. There was broad discussion. It was agreed that a published agenda provides transparency; Robert’s Rules provide guidance in conflict areas;

The fire department is looking for old vehicles for training. Please contact Giff.

Municipal elections are November 15, 2014. People encouraged to vote, and a request was made for support of the new tax for that could be directed to affordable housing.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9 pm by general consent.

Daniel Siegel, Chair
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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December 10, 2014 @ 7:30pm

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes, At the Community Hall

Present: : Lynn Nunley, President; Daniel Siegel, Vice President; Rob McCreary, Secretary;Carol Quin Treasurer; Basil duPlessis, Bookkeeper; Janet LeBlancq, Administrator and 17 members.
Absent with regret: Lynn Nunley, President
New members registering: Janice and Don Beckner and Deborah and Don Peterson.
Daniel introduced the executive; HIRRA’s Guide to the Etiquette of Meetings was referenced.

Minutes of October meeting were read and a correction to the last sentence re the affordable housing was made to clarify that the November referendum vote was to determine voter support for affordable housing in the Comox Valley Regional District. It was noted that, in the absence of a quorum, approvals are provisional and will be voted on at the February 2015 session, the next regular meeting of HIRRA.

Intended Motion: Donna Tuele/ Carol Quin: “That Rob McCreary be appointed as HIRRA representative to the Ferry Advisory Committee.” Show of hands indicated no opposition.

Budget plans: (Copies of all budget plans were available as handouts).

  1. 2015 Mount Geoffrey and Regional Parks maintenance and improvements. Betty Kennedy highlighted the 2015 budget plan detailing operating expenditures of $42,692 and $8000 capital expense to build a boardwalk at Logging Railroad loop trail. It was mentioned that split rail cedar is not a good covering where equestrian traffic is permitted.
    Intended Motion: Betty Kennedy/Tony Law, “That the 2015 budget be approved as Presented.” A show of hands indicated no opposition.
  2. 2015 Recreation program budget was presented by Donna Tuele. The total program details expenditures of $45778 for 2015. A show of hands indicated no opposition.
  3. HIRRA property management 5 year budget plan was presented by Janet LeBlancq. It will be voted on at the February meeting. The reserve fund policy was briefly discussed. There was discussion regarding core services and possible ways to account for recreation expenditures, especially those related to grant funding, without having to incur core services charges. This will be studied further by the executive.


  1. Ford Cove Harbor Authority request for HIRRA’s support for their grant funding applications for dock improvements was read. There was discussion. The dock is very important to the recreation sailing program. A show of hands indicated unanimous support for future dock improvements.
  2. HI Education Society request for financial contribution toward costs of decommissioning the kitchen trailer. April Lewis spoke to the project that is estimated to cost at most, $1500. The assembly will deliberate this request in February.
  3. Letter from K’omoks First Nation re Sollans Road well lease held by HIRRA and due for renewal in 2015 was read by Rob McCreary. The executive will consult with the K’omoks people and report back to the assembly.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9 pm by general consent.

Daniel Siegel, Chair
Janet LeBlancq, Recording Secretary

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