2017 Minutes


HIRRA’s Guide to Meeting Etiquette

Note: HIRRA did not hold a general meeting in January or August.

February 15, 2017

Hornby Island Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association Minutes of Regular Meeting, At the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 28 other HIRRA members and one new member.

Call to order: 7:31pm

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone and introduced the Executive and Administrator.

1) Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general consent.

2) Minutes: Minutes of December 14, 2016 meeting were read aloud and approved as presented by general consent.

3) Executive Report: Rob presented the following Executive Report:
a) The Bookkeeper is working with Presley and Partners to finalize the year-end review.
b) There has been communications between the Hornby Island Films, the Hall Committee and the Executive regarding equipment in the Hall.
c) Farmers Market representatives have been invited to attend the February Executive meeting.
d) The Privy Council and Fire Department Committees need members. Committee elections will be at the AGM in April. Please consider volunteering or encouraging others to volunteer.
e) The CVRD has been very supportive in providing funding for seven more solar panels that will soon be added to the array on the Free Store roof, and for the solar project educational sign.

4) Recreation Budget: Committee Chair, Bill Hamilton, reported that Recreation did not receive funding from BC Gaming last year. They are appealing for the decision and are applying for funds again this year. There was a great turnout for the recent Ski Day and swimming lessons are going ahead. The Committee is planning to print tee-shirts again as the Summer Recreation give-away.
Bill presented a 2017 Recreation budget. The Administrator also handed out copies of the Recreation budget. There was some confusion as the two budgets did not match. Bill read aloud all the budget lines on his budget for a total of $60,650 in expenses.
M/S/C Bill Hamilton/Donna DuPlessis “That the Recreation Budget be passed as presented.” (1 abstention)

5) Cemetery Committee: M/S/C Tina Wai/Gemma Colin “That HIRRA strike an ad hoc committee charged with finding suitable land for a new cemetery.”
Committee member, Tina Wai, encouraged people to join the ad hoc committee. Mary Mackenzie has agreed to join it as well. For information, contact Eva Wetzel or Ellen Leslie. The Committee is still planning a Cemetery clean-up day, probably in mid-March.

6) Community Hall Committee: Chairperson Wendy Burton notified the membership that Melisa Devost had been appointed as an interim member of the Hall Committee until the AGM elections. In December, Clair Cronia informed the Committee verbally of her resignation, but no formal letter has been received.
Acoustic improvements: On the advice of many on-island and off-island experts, the Committee has developed a plan, drawn by Michael McNamara, to extend the stage by 4 feet to move performers out from under the proscenium arch. Wendy noted that Larry Smith and Dale Devost are willing to do the work for just under $3,000.
Ted Tanner has sent a proposal to the Committee for sound treatment of the interior of the stage for just under $5,000. The baffling may mean that the proposed back-stage sound curtains are not needed.
M/S/C Wendy/Janet “That the Hall Committee proceed with the extended stage thrusts and sound baffling projects.” (1 abstention)
Rob noted that there had been a consultation meeting on Saturday with people in the sound community and there was strong support for the projects.
There was a question about why a motion was needed for the projects.
In 2015 there was a budget proposal made and the Assembly asked that plans be brought to a HIRRA meeting for approval.
Judith noted that both projects are under $5,000 so they can be direct awarded. The projects are based on a study done by sound professionals.
It was noted that a large number of Hornby residents are seniors with hearing difficulty.
Wendy noted that the Committee had draft criteria for a PA system in October and are still planning to continue with a PA system in order to assist all users to hear better.
Judith noted that hearing aid wearers don’t necessarily just need more volume and that any system in the Hall needs to be adjusted appropriately.

7) Trustees report: Tony Law reported that there will be a scheduled Hydro outage to repair a cable. The Local Trust Committee is looking for volunteers for the Advisory Planning Committee. They don’t meet very often, but they help review various Trust issues, including an upcoming review of the Short Term Vacation rental policies. Two more members are needed for the six member Committee.
There will be an open house regarding ISLA’s request to amend the Land Use Bylaw to reflect a change in the ownership format. The Trust is working on improving relations with First Nations groups and setting up some meetings to discuss cultural and political relations between the Komox and Hornby and Denman.
Telus has applied to install a 48 meter communications tower on their property on Central Road. There is more information on the Trust web-site. Telus has also put out answers to frequently asked questions. Industry Canada has the over-riding authority on installation of the tower. Telus has indicated that they won’t proceed if the Local Trust committee and community don’t support it. It is not a cell tower, but a narrow-beam microwave tower that would provide emergency back-up if the underwater cable is damaged. It would be possible for them to extend the tower and/or add other services to it. The Consultation period will end on March 18. The Trustees will then consider it in terms of a land use issue. A second cable would be much more costly so if the tower is not approved by the community, Telus will probably not proceed with that option.
There was a question about whether HIRRA could add it to their agenda to discuss the tower. People have health concerns about the tower.
Rob asked that people get information from Telus before framing a question or request for HIRRA. Tony noted that the Trust does not address health issues. It was also noted that there are consultation meetings scheduled with Telus and that Industry Canada has final jurisdiction.
8) Recycling Committee Report: Depot Manager Stani Veselinovic reported on the large amount of waste and recyclables that were sent off the island in 2016. The Product Care building is now open every Friday from 9:00 to 1:00 to receive Household Hazardous Waste. The solar project array has generated 4.06 megawatts so far since July. The Depot’s annual electric consumption is 9 megawatts.
The Depot has been closed due to snow for the last few weekends. It is difficult to clear the snow from the top of the hill, but they have been working on getting the parking area cleared. There is no budget for snow removal and the CVRD does not consider the Depot an essential service. It is possible that the Depot can purchase sand and chains for the backhoe. Stani also suggested adding a snow removal contingency fund to the 2018 onward budgets that would roll over each year until needed.
9) Fire Department Report: Deputy Fire Chief Quana Parker, reported that the new Fire Hall is in the final stages with only a few interior details and the Hydro hook-up to complete. They hope to move in around the end of April. Four new people have signed up for firefighter training, five members are going for Hazardous Materials training and two are going to Evaluator training.
There have been numerous First Responder and power outage calls. The new tanker has been ordered and should arrive in July or August. Two PVC tanks of 5,600 gallons each have been installed at the end of Strachan Road.
Interviews for the new Fire Chief will be underway soon. The Fire Committee needs two new members.
There was a question about Fire Department access during snow. Quana noted that it is best if driveways and a turn-around space are cleared of snow, but the vehicles do have chains and will do their best to access anyone in need.
The Cadet Camp will be held on March 23. Twelve kids have signed up so far. They need more participants for it to proceed.

10) Community Announcements:
a) Seedy Saturday: The Heron Rocks Seed Saturday date was announced.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm by general consent.

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall
Present: Rob McCreary, President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 26 other HIRRA members. Regrets: Andrew Mark, Vice President;
Call to order: 7:37pm         
Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone and introduced the Executive and Administrator.Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general consent.

  • Minutes: Minutes of February 15, 2017 meeting were read aloud and approved as presented (with a few typos corrected) by general consent.
  • Executive Report: Rob presented the following Executive Report:
    1. There was a discussion about the Recreation budget mix-up.
    2. Six Farmers Market representatives attended the Executive meeting to discuss and agree on the terms for a formal Tenancy Agreement for the Farmers Market.
    3. The Societies Act has changed and HIRRA will need to make some changes to the Constitution and bylaws this year to comply with the new Act. It would be best to make any other changes to these documents at the same time.
    4. Committee elections will be at the AGM in April. The Privy Council and Fire Department Committees need members. Please consider volunteering or encouraging others to volunteer.
    5. There was discussion about options for addressing unpaid tipping fees at the Depot.
    6. The Executive will be exploring having a display case at the Co-op for community information.
  • Recreation Budget: Recreation Coordinator, Jade Wilson, presented the correct 2017 Recreation budget totally $48,650. Copies of the correct Recreation budget were also distributed. Jade explained that the budget that Bill presented at the last meeting was created to accompany the Committee’s application for a Gaming Grant. The Committee did not receive the grant last year. In anticipation of the possibility of not receiving that funding for 2017, they created a balanced budget that does not include Gaming funds. Lynn and Rob noted that if the Gaming Grant is received for this year, the Committee should come back to HIRRA with an updated budget. There was a question about why no money was budgeted for Sailing. Jade said the Sailing course is going ahead and expenses will be covered entirely by user fees.
    M/S/C Jade/Doug Chinnery “That the correct 2017 Recreation Budget be approved as presented.” (1 abstention)
  • Community Hall Committee: Committee member, Melisa Devost indicated that the Hall Committee wished to be a five member committee.
    M/S/Defeated Melisa/Stani “That the Hall Committee be changed from a seven member to a five member committee.” (3 in favour, 13 opposed, 6 abstentions)
    It was noted that keeping the Committee as a seven member committee would allow the option for more participation, even if not all spaces are filled this year. There was a question about quorum. Rob noted that quorum is based on the actual number of Committee members elected.
  • Regional Parks Committee report: Committee member, Brian Kittleson, reported on activities since October. Moving the Gull Road Trail (between Maclean and Fowler Roads) entirely off private property is budgeted as a Capital Project for 2018. The official road allowance will need surveying, and ALR permission will be needed if the trail is to continue as far as St. John’s Point Road.
    A steep unauthorized trail has been decommissioned. Residents are asked not to build unauthorized trails in the Parks or Crown Lands. The Land Conservancy of BC has approved mowing the Back 40 again to maintain it as a meadow habitat.
    The Parks Committee has taken on the maintenance of the Roadside Trails with agreement from HIRRA and the CVRD. The Parks Maintenance Contractor and CVRD Parks representative did an inventory of the Roadside Trails and assessed the drainage issues, sight lines and driveway crossings. The CVRD has supplied signage for the crossing of Washing Machine Trail and the Dylan’s Drop technical feature. The French Connection Trail has been roughed out to continue along the side of French Road to Central Road. This 2017 Capital Project will also include linking French Connection to Logging Railroad and Walton Trails. Regarding drainage, the Committee is considering using more dips and nicks as a lower-maintenance option to water-bars. The Maintenance Contractor has been consulting with the Invasive Plant Committee regarding removing broom in Jessie’s 18 and holly along Waterline Trail. The CVRD has been asked for suggestions of topical herbicides to prevent cut holly from regrowing.
    On Coltsfoot Trail, the large box-culvert and one of the bridges across Beulah Creek will be replaced this year. The type of mesh will also be improved. Andrew Carmichael donated his “motorized wheelbarrow” to the Committee for hauling and dumping material during trail work. The Committee is considering the policies and procedures required to set up a community “Adopt a Trail” program.
    New CVRD regulations require that the Maintenance Contractor complete a bucking and falling course to use a chainsaw in his work. They also require that signs are no longer installed on trees. The Committee will be transitioning to signage on posts.
    There was a suggestion to have more clear education about the right-of-way between horses, hikers and bikers. This information is included on all entrance signs and Park brochures. There was a question about armouring the Roadside Trails. This is not part of the maintenance plan at this point, but the Roadside Trails will be maintained 6ft wide to IMBA trail standards.
  • Boat Ramp Committee Report: Committee Chair, John Struthers, reported that the Ford Cove Harbour Authority has declined to assist the Committee with funding or expertise. There is a possibility of funding the Boat Ramp repairs via the CVRD Parks Function. Insurance would only cover recreational uses. The CVRD has recommended starting with an engineering report. Possible repairs range from removing the dangerous exposed rebar, to adding cement slabs or using asphalt. Brian noted that the Parks Committee is supportive of the Boat Ramp but do not have energy to take on the project.
    It was noted that the existing ramp is dangerously narrow and needs more than just resurfacing. The Committee would like to ideally double the width and add bollards along one side. They are also considering reducing the pitch of the ramp. Rob suggested that it may be a two phase project, starting with resurfacing and then widening the ramp.
    George Buvyer is willing participate in the Boat Ramp renovations.
  • Hornby Island Athletic Association (Ballpark) Report: Board member, George Buvyer, reported that HIAA is very busy with ongoing repairs and maintenance of the old buildings and equipment. HIAA now has over a thousand members.
    It has been a busy winter with a lot of new younger energy. The Kitchen is a great success, feeding up to sixty people three times a week. During the recent winter months, the Club-house was offered as a cold weather shelter and was utilized by up to five people. One shower has been rebuilt and the second one will be rebuilt soon. When the new Fire Hall is complete, the power feed will be hooked up to provide hot water for the showers and laundry. The laundry gets a lot of use. As does the gym.
    Sweet Thursdays have started again. The Hornby Island Mountain Bike Association is renovating the bike pump track. The Community Fund party rentals are now stored at the Ballpark, and many Recreation activities are centered there.
    The AGM is scheduled for April 2 and more Board members are needed. An 8-site summer campground is now available for displaced Hornby residents and summer workers. This raises a number of issues that will need to be addressed, including whether to provide utility hook-ups for trailers and where to have dishwashing space.
  • Community Announcements:
    1. Events: Dates were announced for the following events: Cemetery Work-party, Co-op Special General Meeting, Water Sustainability Act information session, Telus tower consultation, CHI’s Herring School event, HIRRA AGM, Spark bike workshop.
    2. Spark: Quana noted that Spark Hackerspace hosted its first successful workshop on how to program arduinos.
    3. Doug Nixon Appreciation: Lynn suggested having appreciation of a community member as a regular feature of HIRRA meetings. She appreciated Doug Nixon for his tireless work keeping the roads plowed during the snow-storms.
    4. New Fire Chief: Rob announced that Doug Chinnery has been hired as the new Fire Chief and offered congratulations from HIRRA.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:02pm by general consent.

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Minutes of HIRRA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President, Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; Joanne Ovitsland, Bookkeeper, 44 members

Call to order: 7:37pm         

Introductions: Daniel welcomed everyone, introduced the executive and Administrator.                        

1)    Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general consent.

2)    Minutes: Minutes of March 8, 2017 meeting were approved as presented by general consent.

3)    President’s Report: Rob presented a President’s Report, highlighting the broad range and depth of HIRRA activities of 2016, overseen by volunteers and members. Rob and Lynn both expressed appreciation for the work of the many volunteers.

  1. Solar panels installed on the Free Store and a new Product Care Building completed
  2. New Administrator and Bookkeeper hired
  3. New Fire Hall nearly complete
  4. Housing and Boat Ramp Committees formed
  5. Heat pump installed in the Round Room
  6. A successful Fall Fair
  7. Bike racks commissioned for use at some beach accesses
  8. Regional Parks Committee took on Roadside Trails maintenance
  9. Introduction of the Hornby reserve system for the first ferry off-island

M/S/C Rob/Jan Kennedy “That HIRRA express strong unqualified support for the continuation of the Hornby Reserve lane though the summer season.” M/S/C Tony Law/Donna Tuele “That the President’s report be accepted as presented.” Tony expressed deep appreciation for HIRRA volunteers, especially Rob as President.

4)    Treasurer’s Report: Lynn and Joanne presented and reviewed the year-end Review Engagement from Presley and Partners Accountants, and a spreadsheet with summaries for each HIRRA Fund (available as a handout). Lynn noted that this was a Review Engagement and that the CVRD requires a formal audit about every five years. Reina and Joanne will be meeting with CVRD Financial staff to discuss year-end accumulations and other issues. M/S/C Lynn Nunley/Andrew Mark “That the Presley and Partners 2016 Review Engagement be accepted as presented.” M/S/C Lynn Nunley/Margot Bushnell “That Presley and Partners Accountants be engaged to produce a year-end Review Engagement for 2017 and that a full audit be waived.”

5)    Committee Annual Reports:

  1. Boat Ramp Committee: Presented by John Struthers. (Attached) M/S/C John Struthers/Joanne Ovitsland “That HIRRA write a letter to the CVRD formally requesting that the Boat Ramp come under the Parks and Greenways Service.” (2 abstentions)
  2. Cemetery Stewards: Presented by Reina LeBaron on behalf of Margaret Pethick. (Attached)
  3. Community Hall: (By Wendy Burton) Presented by Judith Lawrence. (Attached)
  4. Fall Fair: Margot reported that there was nothing to report since October. The 2017 Fall Fair is scheduled for September 10.
  5. Fire Protection/First Responders: Presented by retired Fire Chief, Giff LaRose. (Attached) Lynn presented Giff with a lemon merengue pie and Rachelle presented a bouquet of flowers, in appreciation for his years of work as Fire Chief.
  6. Housing: Presented by Daniel Seigal. (Attached) Daniel expressed what a joy and privilege it has been to work with this dedicated intergenerational Committee. It is officially a seven member Committee but more participants are welcome at every meeting on an informal basis.
  7. Invasive Weed Control: Presented by Anna Zielinski. (Attached) Anna passed around a green sample of Laurel-leafed Daphne. It was noted that Daphne sap is toxic.
  8. Privy Council: (Comfort Stations) Reina LeBaron reported on behalf of retiring Chair, Allan Beattie, that the three bike racks have been built by Albini LaPierre and are ready for installation at three beach accesses.
  9. Recreation: Presented by Jade Wilson, Coordinator. (Attached)
  10. Recycling and Waste Management: Presented by Stani Veselinovic, Manager. (Attached)
  11. Regional Parks and Trails: Presented by Betty Kennedy. (Attached) Betty noted that the CVRD has suggested an on-site meeting with the Parks Committee and Boat Ramp Committee to estimate the cost of repairs to the boat ramp and that the CVRD Parks representative, Doug DeMarzo has suggested that the funding for repairs come from the Community Works funding. She also expressed appreciation for the support of the Executive, Administrator and Parks Minute-taker.

2017 HIRRA AGM reports

6)    Community Announcements:

  1. Giff’s retirement: Doug Chinnery, Fire Chief, noted that at a recent volunteer fire-fighter conference in Victoria, it was clear that Hornby Fire Rescue has a great set of policies and procedures and that they are the envy of many other volunteer departments. Doug gave credit to Giff for initiating and overseeing the development of the Department. He expressed great appreciation for Giff’s 20-plus years of service and dedication to Hornby Fire Rescue. There was applause.
  2. Event announcements: The following events were announced: HIAC AGM with new gallery plans on display; Local Trust Committee meeting. Tony Law noted that the Komox First Nation is interested in installing a carved pole on Hornby and posting a sign at the ferry landing about First Nations.

7)    Elections:

  1. Executive: Andrew Mark, Vice-Chair, and Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary, are half-way through their two-year terms. The President (Rob McCreary) and Treasurer (Lynn Nunley) are willing to stand for re-election. Andrew called three times for further nominations. Hearing none, Rob was declared elected by acclamation. Rob called three times for further nominations for Treasurer. Hearing none, Lynn was declared elected by acclamation. Executive members serve two year staggered terms. Committees:
  2. Boat Ramp: There are currently nine people on the Committee. The maximum number is seven. Ballots were distributed and after the voting, Joanne and Rachelle counted the votes. The following members were elected: John Struthers, Peter Walford, Colleen Work, Gord Bateman, Larry Wasserman, Mike Pedneault, and Rich Ward. [After the meeting, it was discovered that Gord Bateman is not a current HIRRA member and so his election was declared invalid. Sally Englund, who is a HIRRA member, was declared elected instead.]

For each of the rest of the Committees, Rob called three times for further nominations. Hearing none, members were declared elected by acclamation. Committee members serve one year terms.

  1. Cemetery Stewards: Gemma Colin, Eva Wetzel, Judith Anastasia, Ian Palmer, Larry Smith, Tina Wai, and Margaret Pethick were elected by acclamation.
  2. Community Hall: Wendy Burton, Judith Lawrence, Ben Berkeveld, Vicki Bale, Melisa Devost, Gabriel Jeroschewitz, and Gina-Rae Horvath were elected by acclamation.
  3. Fall Fair: Gary Manzer, Alsoon Brine, Pat Mullan, Margot Bushnell, Holly Morgan, Ben Berkeveld and Christine Tamburri were elected by acclamation.
  4. Fire Protection: Brian Amos, Glenn Hadden, Tor Nawrot and Anita Lewis were elected by acclamation. (One more person needed for this five-member Committee.)
  5. Housing: Julie Peacock, Jan Kennedy, Shannon Warwick, Joanne Ovitsland, Karen Brown, Phil Bailey and Barbara Baird were elected by acclamation.
  6. Invasive Weed Control: Ilze Raudzins, Eva Wetzel, Anna Zielinski were elected by acclamation.
  7. Privy Council (Comfort Stations): Chris Aikman, Tony Law and Ted Gooden were elected by acclamation.
  8. Recycling: Jan Kennedy, Kathi Sauve, Ilze Raudzins, Barbara Baird, Alsoon Brine were elected by acclamation.
  9. Recreation: Bill Hamilton, Donna Tuele, Tim Chapman, Eban Walmsley, Margot Bushnell were elected by acclamation.
  10. Regional Parks: Betty Kennedy, Brian Kittleson, Sasha LeBaron, Rusty Harrison, Tom Rutherford were elected by acclamation.
  11. HICEEC Board: Cath Gray, Darren Bond were confirmed by acclamation to be appointed to the HICEEC Board.
  12. Ferry Advisory: Rob McCreary was confirmed by acclamation to be appointed to the Ferry Advisory Committee.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:39pm by general consent.


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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall


Present: Rob McCreary, President; Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; 18 other HIRRA members.

Regrets: Reina LeBaron, Administrator (on holiday)
Call to order: 7:37pm         
Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone and introduced the Executive and noted the lack of quorum.
1)    Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general consent.

2)    Minutes: Minutes of April 12, 2017 AGM were read aloud and accepted by general consent with the following correction: change “Cath Grey” to “Cath Gray”

3)    Executive Report: Presented by Rob McCreary. *A motion regarding limiting reading of minutes was presented but not passed due to lack of quorum.

4)    HICEEC report: Presented by Daniel Arbour. In summary:

  • HIRRA/HICEEC are collaborating on an electric charging station to be located at the site of the old dental bus. Ian Emberton confirmed the site would be inexpensive and doable. The project (a Level II charging station) is about $1,000 to build. HICEEC will pay for this. A question arose regarding how customers could contribute toward the infrastructure costs. Daniel responded that the Credit Union, who are footing the electrical bill for the site, is willing to fund the charging station as each charge per car is roughly $2. However, arrangements may be made for customers to contribute voluntarily. Rob McCreary noted that HIRRA insurers had been contacted and assured that a Level II is low risk and as such presents no liability issues.
  • HICEEC’s grant cycle is complete for this spring: Preschool, HIAC, Natural History, Blues Society and the Radio Station received funds.

5) HIAC report: Presented by Ted Gooden. In summary:

  • Details of the new HIAC Arts Centre with plans for assembly were on view in the Round Room. Ted thanked HICEEC and Daniel Arbour for his work in grant writing and research into matching grants. Acknowledgement was made of the many patient contributions from Tom Knott, John Grunewald, John Cooper, Louise Walters specifically as major contributors. HIAC anticipates the start of the project by the end of 2017.
  • HIAC is hiring a new person to help with shoulder season development with Destination BC grants to help with this project. Wendy Burton asked about joint parking with the Community Hall and HIAC and what the physical plans for that would be. Ted noted parking for HIAC arts centre would be built. Oakley Rankin asked about multi-use studio space and whether plans were intended to include the Hacker Space or Spark Society. Ted said future plans were open for discussion.

6) New Horizons Archives Update: Presented by Oakley Rankin. In summary:

  • Oakley reported this 30-year-old project came to fruition with donations and grants from New Horizons. The building was built, Hannah Wiseman, a professional archivist was hired, and community members were trained to catalogue accumulated collections. Hannah’s services were paid for with gaming grants. Most of the material collected to date has been archived. Trained volunteers will be able to staff the archives to allow public access to archived materials. This summer a public schedule will be established where new materials can be accepted in stages so the volunteers aren’t overwhelmed. It was noted that an archive is not a library. Archives require specific descriptive terms to cover the wide variety of materials inherent to archive collections. Decisions will be made about how to receive new materials. Mention was made of the many volunteers who brought the project to fruition. Committee members were listed. Oakley is encouraging groups to set up their own archives rather than storing all minutes and group documents at the official Archives building, which might overwhelm storage.

7) Hornby Denman Community Health Care Society report: presented by Lori Nawrot. In summary:

  • Board member Joy Jeffries is updating the HDCHCS website.
  • Karen Ethridge, homecare supervisor has retired and is currently being replaced by a number of homecare co-ordinators.
  • Clients are increasing. Child, Youth, Families Counsellors are busy. Group meeting have been well attended.
  • The Better At Home program has a new co-ordinator in place with programs focusing on most frail seniors: those over 85 living alone.
  • Lost gaming funding is presenting challenges for community education projects.
  • The Clinic received a 5-year lease agreement from VIHA.
  • A working group will analyse models of care in other communities to determine how to best attract a new physician.
  • Island Health Wellness Grant was secured. A series on anti-inflammatory cooking will be presented on both Denman and Hornby Islands.
  • HDHCS is looking to train more care aides but needs funding streams to do so. Home support staff are at capacity and aging out of the field. 50 staff working on both islands were granted 2% COLA increase as well as a benefit plan for all staff.
  • Lori noted that one obstacle to attracting new physicians to Hornby is being on-call. Hornby is a remote community rather than rural, which is Denman’s designation and the reason why Denman has ambulance services rather than First Responders.
  • It was noted that demographics are changing, which will affect health care in significant ways. Complex care clients are increasing.
  • Kathy Mukai gave credit to Lori for holding reigns of this organization. Lori thanked the staff for overall success.

8) ISLA Report: Presented by Daniel Arbour. In summary:

  • Daniel noted work is continuing. ISLA is looking at potentially receiving $100K from CVRD. ISLA is asking for support for the project from HIRRA. Islands Trust will speak for project funding from CVRD. No questions or comments from assembly.

9) Community Announcements:

  1. Islands Trust: Tony Law mentioned having community-to- community contact with K’omox to explore relationship building and awareness. On June 4th a member of the K’omox First Nation will come to Hornby to speak with assembly on this matter. Islands Trust decided not to support the Tower proposal for Telus despite concerns cited by HIFR, the Hornby School, and the Co-op. Two thirds of the public respondents commented negatively on the project over one third who were in favour.
  2. Housing Committee: Daniel Siegel spoke on behalf of the housing committee: hiceec.org has a Housing button and page dedicated to changing housing narratives on Hornby. This is meant to connect renters with housing providers.
  3. Spark Hackerspace: Leanna Killoran reported that Hornby Spark Society is starting a membership drive. $20 per person includes one free workshop: a repair café and wearable leds (jewellery) are in the works.
  4. Other announcements: Two other announcements of meetings were made.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm by general agreement.

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 21 other HIRRA members. Regrets: Lynn Nunley, Treasurer

Call to order: 7:32pm         

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive.

  • Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement.
  • Minutes: Minutes of May 17 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  • Executive Report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary:
    1. Financial matters were discussed, including budget reporting and approving a 2% COLA raise for employees.
    2. A letter was received questioning the legality of the Farmers Market on HIRRA’s Crown Land Lease. Research in the files and communications with the Ministry indicated that the Farmers Market is a permitted use.
    3. The Executive sent a letter in support of the Fire Department’s application to the Community Fund to buy gravel to improve the access for the emergency airfield.
    4. HIRRA is required to make some changes to the Constitution to comply with changes to the BC Societies Act. The Executive reviewed the bylaws and discussed possible changes. All proposed changes to the Constitution and bylaws will be publicly posted well in advance of the meeting when the vote will be held.
    5. The Parks Committee attended part of the meeting to discuss the Parks Maintenance Contract and related issues.
    6. The Executive approved HICEEC’s proposal to install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station on HIRRA land next to the Savoie Center pump-house (where the Dental bus used to park).
    7. Two guests attended from HICEEC and the Heron Rocks Water Stewardship Project to discuss the Hornby Water Plan and the idea of forming a HIRRA Water Committee. The pros and cons would need more research and discussion before deciding on the best home for a Water Committee.
  • Hornby Fire Rescue report: Presented by Fire Chief, Doug Chinnery. In summary:
    1. One member is on long term maternity leave. Five people are keen on joining this fall. Two rookies completed the biggest module and rookie training has shut down for summer.
    2. Nighttime operations on the emergency airstrip have been reinstated. Co-op donated landing lights. An application was submitted to the Community Fund for gravel work.
    3. Firehall update: Commissioning of all mechanical and electrical systems will happen soon. An Open House Grand Opening will hopefully happen in July.
    4. The Department is working on getting access to communication link to BCAS supervising doctor, to hopefully give locums and regular doctors a night or two off. Could also provide quicker access to treatment suggestions.
    5. Fire Rings are now in place on Big Tribune.
  • Minutes: Thanks to a few late arrivals, quorum was achieved.
    M/S/ Rob/Kathy Mukai “That future readings of HIRRA’s past meeting minutes be limited to the reading of any actions, motions and decisions from the last meeting, with the proviso that the Draft minutes be posted on the HIRRA web-site and any interested members can read them and give feedback regarding corrections.”  
  • Recycling report: Prepared by the Depot Manager and read by Jan Kennedy, Committee Chair. In summary:
    1. Tipping fees have been increased for the summer season to offset increased staffing costs. In summer the Depot ships twice as many bins of waste and recycling.
    2. Removing the Bin Guide position has led to an increase of recyclables dumped in the garbage bins.
    3. The Product Care Building is functioning well with more Household Hazardous Waste now being accepted. They are working with the CVRD on improving dry-wall diversion. There are now over fifty diversion (recycling) streams functioning at the Depot.
    4. The Free Store is experiencing high volumes of donations. The Diabetes Foundation will come quarterly to pick up surplus goods. A shipping container will be installed soon to store surplus goods until they are picked-up.

8) Ford Cove Harbour Authority update: Presented by Glen Hadden and Jean. About $1.2 million has been spent on the wharf to increase the space on the docks and floating breakwater. The project is about 90% complete. In the Fall, the final electrical installation for the wharfs and a new approach will be completed.
In response to questions:

  1. The funding comes mostly from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans with some additional funding from Island Coastal Economic Trust and matching funds from Ford Cove Harbour Authority.
  2. 1,400 linear feet of dock space has been added to the existing dock to better accommodate local boaters and visitors.
  3. At present Ford Cove is not appropriate for float planes.
  4. Two abandoned boats need to be removed but are not currently an environmental risk.

9) Community Announcements:

  1. Bike Racks: There was appreciation for the new bike rack at Little Tribune. It is already used to capacity. A bike rack was also installed at Shields Road and a third one is ready for installation at Whaling Station Bay. The Privy Council is working with Highways to expand the parking by filling in a ditch in the middle of the existing beach access road allowance. There was a suggestion to build permanent privies at Grassy Point and Sandpiper Beach parks.
  2. Naloxone Training: HDCHS is offering Naloxone training and the Clinic is offering free Naloxone kits. The kits are very easy to use and could save someone’s life if they have overdosed on opioids.
  3. Housing: It was noted that a number of Hornby residents, including at least ten children, are camping because they could not find summer rental housing.
  4. July HIRRA meeting: Reminder to attend and bring a friend to ensure quorum.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm by general agreement.

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall


Present: Rob McCreary, President; Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 20 other HIRRA members.
Call to order: 7:35pm         
Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive.

  • Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement.
  • Minutes: Minutes of the June 14 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  • Executive Report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary:
    1. Financial matters were discussed, particularly regarding Recreation funding and Capital projects.
    2. Farmers Market complaint issues were discussed with Farmers Market representatives.
    3. The Executive agreed to draft wording, for Assembly approval, for an acknowledgement of First Nations territory at HIRRA meetings.
    4. Proposed changes to HIRRA bylaws were discussed.
    5. A letter was sent to the Community Fund in support of Water Stewardship’s application for funding for preparing an Ecologically Based Conservation Plan for Hornby.
    6. Thanks to the Administrator’s efforts, a $6,000 CVRD Grant In Aid was approved for replacing the hand-pump on the Sollans Road public well.
  • Parks and Trails report: Presented by Betty Kennedy, Committee Chair. In summary:
    1. Heli-sites and roadside trails have been brushed out.
    2. Coltsfoot bridge will be repaired this summer.
    3. The French Connection Trail Capital Project is complete.
    4. The access to Sandpiper beach will be cleaned up and rebuilt soon.
    5. There will be a public consultation in August regarding the proposed Gull Road Trail Capital Project.
    6. The Parks Master Plan should be finalized in August.

There was a question about parking at Little Tribune. This is not part of Parks jurisdiction.

  • Community Bus Pilot Project: Daniel Arbour presented information on the Community Bus Pilot Project, a partnership between HICEEC and Outdoor Education Center. Based on a solid business plan by Gordon Campbell, HICEEC loaned Outdoor Ed $8,000 to buy a second-hand 25-person bus with wheelchair lift. The plan is: 1. To run a summer trial to assess community interest and support, 2. To bid on the School District contract as a “white bus” that could carry commuters as well as students, 3. To approach the CVRD about accessing some of the tax funding already collected from Hornby for public transit.
    Several Hornby businesses have agreed to “buy stops” for the Pilot Project. For $2,000 HIRRA could “buy” a stop at Sollans Road.
    M/S/C Daniel Arbour/Tony Law “That HIRRA contribute $2,000 from the Community Contingency budget toward the Hornby Community Bus Pilot Project.” CARRIED unanimously.
    There was discussion. Some key points: During the Pilot Project, riding will be by donation to assess interest and gather concrete data. The bus will use professional drivers. The operating costs are estimated to be $350-$400 per eight-hour day, running 8 times each way between Ford Cove and the Ferry in the morning and afternoon/evening with scheduled stops. The HICEEC loan is a “forgivable loan” to be paid back if the pilot project is unsuccessful, or forgiven (as a grant) if the project continues.
    Further questions still to be worked out: offering charters, connecting across Denman, picking up passengers at unscheduled stops, adjusting the route and schedule.
  • Recreation report: Prepared by the Recreation Coordinator and read by Bill Hamilton, Committee Chair. In summary:
    1. The May long-weekend Family Ball Game was a big success.
    2. Kids’ Tennis also went well.
    3. Full Moon walks will continue through summer.
    4. Summer Recreation Programs are underway, sponsored by 34 businesses.
    5. The Sailing Program was cancelled due to unavailability of instructors.
  • New Firehall update: Presented by Doug Chinnery, Fire Chief. The Fire Hall truck bay walls were built on-site during wet weather so a lot of moisture was trapped inside and is now causing condensation problems. All the upper storey walls were pre-built off-site and do not have moisture problems. An expert consultant suggested two options: taking down and totally rebuilding the walls, or remediation including partial rebuilding and installing a blue-tooth moisture meter (all costs to be covered by the contractor). Additionally, the water purification system is not yet functional. Information will be coming out from the CVRD soon.
    The Fire Committee Chair expressed frustration with the slow process, but was satisfied with the consultant’s report and contractor’s plan of action.
    M/S/C Jim Garton/Janet LeBlancq “That HIRRA write to the CVRD expressing great concern about the significant delays in finishing the new Firehall.” CARRIED unanimously.
    In response to questions:
    A letter from HIRRA will help the CVRD put pressure on contractors to complete the project. The contractor will cover the cost of remediation and will probably extend the warranty period on the building.
  • Invasive Weed Control update: Sent by Ilze Raudzins, Committee Chair and read by Reina LeBaron. In summary: there may be subsidies available to help control knotweed and giant hogweed. Further information was made available.
  • Community Announcements:
    1. Fall Fair date: The Fall Fair is scheduled for Sunday, September 10 with a theme of “Pollinators.”
    2. Natural History: The Natural History Centre is now open with some major changes. With a Canada 150 grant, they replaced old shelves with new durable locally-made cabinets. With a Community Fund grant, they created a small bird diorama. Donations and membership income cover the cost of hiring the summer student staff person. Summer talks were announced.
    3. First Nations territory acknowledgement:
      M/S/C Andrew Mark/Janet LeBlancq “That HIRRA agree to adopt a First Nations territory acknowledgement as part of regular HIRRA meetings.”
      The following draft acknowledgement was read aloud: “We acknowledge that Hornby Island and its surrounding waters are considered part of the core territory of the K’omoks First Nation and part of the general traditional territory of other First Nations.”
      M/S/C Daniel Arbour/Tony Law “That the wording of the First Nations territory acknowledgement be adopted as presented.”
      It was noted that the specific wording can be revised if need be, in response to feedback from the K’omoks.
      ACTION: Tony Law will ask the K’omoks representatives about specific wording when the Trustees meet with the K’omoks this week.
      It was noted that the K’omoks are exploring sites for installing poles on Hornby and Denman.
    4. Ferry Advisory Committee: Rob McCreary reported that the FAC met with BC Ferries and are trying to improve the off-season schedule to close the afternoon gap.
    5. Community events: Three other Community events were announced.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm by general agreement.


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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 25 other HIRRA members. Regrets: Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; New members: 2 new HIRRA members were registered.
Call to order: 7:35pm         
Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged Pentlach First Nations territory.

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by general agreement.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of the July 12 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  3. Executive Report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary:

Financial matters: The Bookkeeper is working to improve the consistency between the five year budgets, monthly budget reports and General Ledger accounting lines. All tax-funded Committees need to send their final draft budgets to the Executive before October 26.The Executive approved the draft Core Services budget.

HIRRA wells will be registered with the province before the end of the year.

A Conflict Resolution workshop is in the planning stages.

Correspondence about Little Tribune Bay Road was discussed.

  1. Core Services Budget: The draft 2018 Core Services Budget was distributed.
    M/S/C Reina/Donna DuPlessis “That the 2018 Core Services Budget be approved a presented.”
    The Executive will consider a request to post draft budgets on the HIRRA web-site so the membership can review them before meetings.
  2. Recreation Grants: Recreation Coordinator, Jade Wilson presented the Recreation Committee’s request for CVRD grant funding.
    M/S/C Jade/Daniel Siegal “That HIRRA request $3,000 for Hornby Island Educational Society for after school recreation programs; $2,000 for Hornby Island Athletic Association for recreational facility improvements; $500 for Hornby Island Tennis Association for youth tennis lessons; and the remainder of the $26,000 CVRD Recreation Grant for the Recreation Committee for on-going recreation programs.”
  3. Hall Committee Report: Committee Chair, Wendy Burton, presented the report. In summary:

The Booking Agent/Hall Maintenance Coordinator position will change from a contractor to employee position and be posted this fall.

Ted Tanner is working on the sound baffling for the stage to be installed by the end of September.

An ad hoc sub-committee will meet to revise and finalize the criteria for a Hall P/A sound system with fixed speakers and a sub-woofer.

Consultation has begun to improve the Hall lighting with multi-use LED track lights and stage working lights.

The pre-booking meeting was announced.

As Committee Chair, Wendy finds that a seven member committee, rather than five, is more difficult to work with regarding scheduling meetings and achieving quorum.

  1. Recycling Committee Report: Recycling Depot Manager, Stani Veselinovic presented the report. In summary:

Summer staff worked well. Plan to have a card-reader to accept other forms of payment.

Out of 46 bins of waste shipped off island, only 20 went to the landfill. The total volume of waste was up, but the recycling percentage was also much greater.

A lot of positive feedback received on the Depot. Over fifty separate recycling streams available at the Depot. Two more shipping containers are expected soon to store excess recyclable material.

The solar panels generate sufficient power to cover all Hydro use in summer.

The Committee may extend the Beach Clean-up program into the off-season.
More recyclables are going into the trash since the Bin Guide position was changed to Site Attendant.

Next year is the 40th anniversary of the Depot. Thanks to the staff, Committee and volunteers for their time and dedication to the Depot.

  1. ISLA report: Board members Katherine Ronan and Michael McNamara presented the report. In summary:

When the Weiss’ donated land to ISLA eight years ago there was a covenant restricting the percentage of rental units. ISLA tried to establish a mixed ownership/ rental model for many years. The main challenge was the cost of initial service infrastructure. In November 2016 ISLA applied to MOTI to do a bare-land strata and found that subdivision would require a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to set up a private water utility corporation. Instead the covenant has been revised to allow for an initial development of rental units. ISLA is planning to partner with BC Housing to receive funding for the infrastructure and construction. The first step will be proving community need for affordable rental housing. A survey will be coming out soon.

  1. Town Hall discussion of Summer Issues:
    1. Bus Project: Karen Ross reported that the pilot project went well with over 2,000 riders in a 31 day period, especially families. Still working on data analysis. The Hall stop was very popular on Market days. The next step is writing to the School Trustee to support a “white bus” designated contract and to the CVRD Director to support receiving tax funding. The bus is available to charter over the winter for about $50/hr while running. The Community Fund granted $3,000 toward the project.
      There was a suggestion to circulate a digital form letter or a petition in addition to personalized letters.
    2. Little Tribune Bay Road: HIRRA received e-mails from Peter Wardle and Stan Combs regarding safety and congestion issues. The traffic and parking congestion have increased as the beach popularity has increased, sometimes limiting emergency access. Garbage and illegal camping were also issues. Bus stops at the beaches could reduce congestion. CVRD and HIRRA declined to take on Little Tribune or Shields Road beach accesses as parks. Ministry of Highways has been asked to put up no parking signs along the road but refused. RCMP would not ticket cars because of the lack of no parking signs.
    3. Other road issues: Carling Road (Whaling Station) also needs work from MOTI. Suggestion to have a coordinated meeting with MOTI. A lot of families on bikes along the roads. Suggestion to lower the speed limit, especially on side roads.
    4. Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs): Suggestion to collect data on numbers of visitors from ferries, campgrounds, STVRs, resorts. The Local Trust Committee is currently doing a major review of Hornby’s policy of permitting STVRs. Many other islands have banned STVRs.
    5. Community Impacts: Increased tourism has significant negative impacts on emergency services, water, waste disposal and the natural environment. Suggestion to limit the number of visitors by permit or reservation similar to National Parks. Residents could have a special designation on their ferry cards. HICEEC should be included in tourism impacts discussion as they are promoting tourism. Tourists should be held to the same standards as community members. The community’s needs should have priority.
    6. Appreciations: Several business had their busiest days ever. (Perhaps more visitors because of forest fires in the interior?) Visitors were generally well-behaved and brought significant income to the island. There was appreciation for the Fire Department, Fire Patrol and RCMP for their work over the summer.
  2. Community Announcements:
    1. New Cemetery land search: Ad hoc Committee member, Ellen Leslie presented the report. In summary: They researched relevant regulations and consulted with the Denman Memorial Society. There are many challenges. Suggestion to seek a two-acre or larger private land donation, via confidential letters to land-owners.
      M/S/C Ellen/Eva Wetzel “That HIRRA work with the ad hoc Cemetery Search Committee to contact by letter a small number of owners of larger pieces of land, requesting that they consider donating a small portion of their land for a community cemetery.”
    2. Fall Fair: It was a great event. Thanks to the community and volunteers.
    3. Community events: Two community events were announced.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm by general agreement.

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Andrew Mark, Vice President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 18 other HIRRA members, 1 new member. Regrets: Lynn Nunley, Treasurer

Call to order: 7:34pm         

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged Pentlach First Nations territory.

  1. Agenda: The agenda, as posted via the new digital projector, was approved by general agreement.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of the September 13, 2017 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  3. Executive Report: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary:

Financial matters: All tax-funded Committees need to send budgets to the Executive before October 24. The Executive agreed to post draft budgets on the web-site one week prior to the November HIRRA meeting.
Other matters discussed included: CVRD’s woodstove exchange program, bylaw changes, fireworks funding, WiFi access in the Green Room, Highways issues, new used projector and screen

  1. HIFR Report: Presented by Fire Chief Doug Chinnery. In summary:
    New Firehall status: waiting for door transition solution; slab heating not working properly; CVRD has set Oct 25 deadline for completion.

New tanker/tender arrived. Getting 66 set up and training for Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation process in spring. Working on 2018 budget.

Personnel: 3 new rookies and one member returned from leave. 2017 is busiest year ever with 150 calls already so far. Fire permits cost about $15 per permit. Fire Patrol is writing 30 to 40 a week. Is this service important to the community? (Denman keeps a fire ban on until the risk is low. No permits needed.)

  1. Recreation Committee Report: Presented by Recreation Coordinator Jade Wilson. In summary: Summer programs were advertised via digital media and 530 printed brochures. Thanks to sponsors, billets for instructors, owners of the pool and golf course. List of summer recreation programs and number of participants. Recreation events continuing through the Fall and Winter.
  2. Fall Fair Report: Presented by Committee member Alsoon Brine. In summary: Successful Fair and Barn Dance. Total Fair expenses were about $4,700. Income from donations, harvest baskets and grants was about $6,900. The theme was pollinators. Thanks to all volunteers and sponsors. Plan to buy more tents next year. Holly Combs is stepping down. Anita Lewis is willing to join. Garbage at the Fair has been reduced from a full pickup truckload to a single garbage bag.
  3. HICEEC Report: Presented by Board member Darren Bond. In summary: Working on objectives from the Economic Action Plan: Supporting ISLA; planning to attend a wedding fair; supporting CHI and Blues festivals; supporting bus project; supporting HIAC; supporting CAST and other local groups; supporting Water Stewardship’s plan to begin an Environmentally Based Conservation Plan for Hornby.
  4. HIAA (Ballpark) Report: Presented by Board member George Buvyer. In summary: Joe King Ballpark had heavy summer use of recreation facilities and laundry and shower. Would have liked more art and music shows in the clubhouse. Summer displaced residents campground was not allowed under the Crown Land lease. The 30 year lease will be renewed in Feb. 2018. Kitchen is getting upgraded. Power was upgraded via the Fire Hall contractors. Seeking volunteers to help with grant applications and to develop a web-site for improved communications and information access. Map of disc golf course available on Hornby Recreation web-site.
  5. Community Announcements:
    1. Literary Lunches: New Horizons is seeking speakers for their winter Literary Lunch talks.
    2. Rare bird: Please report sightings of rare yellow-headed woodpecker seen on Hornby to Neil Wilson.
    3. Community events: Two other community events were announced.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm by general agreement.

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 7:30pm

At the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Andrew Mark, Vice President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 22 other HIRRA members
Regrets: Rob McCreary, President; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary

Call to order: 7:35pm         

Introductions: Andrew welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged First Nations territory.

  1. Agenda: The agenda was approved by general agreement.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of the October 11, 2017 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted as presented by general agreement.
  3. Executive Report: Presented by Andrew Mark. In summary:

Thanks to Bookkeeper and Administrator for work on standardizing the budgets, including creating some new lines.
Executive works to resolve any HIRRA-wide issues.
Everyone is accountable for reviewing and approving the budgets.

  1. Budget information: An information sheet on the budgets was distributed and read aloud. In summary: The budgets are being revised and improved, with input from the CVRD and accountants. A new set of books in SAGE (retaining historical data) will be created in 2018. Some General Ledger lines will now be common to all HIRRA Committees. As directed by the CVRD, the 5-year budgets show the most recent actual surplus (for 2016) in the 2018 budgets. The Bookkeeper and Administrator will be meeting with CVRD and accountants again to clarify next steps and outstanding issues.
  2. Budgets:
    1. Comfort Stations (Privy Council): Presented by Committee Chair, Chris Aikman.
      Anticipated upcoming expenses: more pump outs, placing a boulder near Little Tribune outhouse to stop RV pump-outs, improving parking/drainage at Carling Road Whaling Station Beach access.
      M/S/C Chris/Daniel Siegal “That the Comfort Station five-year budget be approved as presented.”
    2. Invasive Plant Control: Presented by Committee member, Eva Wetzel.
      Anticipated upcoming expenses: focus on Daphne and Bull Thistles removal. Everyone was encouraged to pull young broom plants along roadsides.
      M/S/C Eva/Bill Hamilton “That the Invasive Plant Control five-year budget be approved as presented.”
    3. Community Hall: Presented by Committee member Judith Lawrence. There was a question about increasing Hall rental rates to increase revenue. The Committee will be reviewing the rental rates. Hall and New Horizons have matching rental rates so they aren’t in competition. There was a question about how HIAC’s planned gallery space might impact the Hall.
      M/S/C Judith/John Struthers “That the Community Hall five-year budget be approved as presented.”
    4. Fire Protection: Presented by Fire Chief Doug Chinnery.
      2017 had a larger budget in anticipation of moving into the new fire hall.
      M/S/C Doug/Anita Lewis “That the Fire Protection five-year budget be approved as presented.”
    5. Waste Management (Recycling): Presented by Depot Manager, Stani Veselinovic.
      Anticipated upcoming expenses: 2% cost of living increase for all wages, increase in Beach Clean-up to cover once a month off-season visits, snow removal supplies and labour. Hydro expense is expected to be significantly offset by the solar generation. There was a question about increased tipping fees. Volume is expected to increase. There was a question about the Humanure processing proposal. It is an entirely separate project, not under Depot management or budget.
      M/S/C Stani/Kathi Mukai “That the Waste Management five-year budget be approved as presented.”
    6. Regional Parks and Trails: Presented by Committee Chair, Betty Kennedy.
      Anticipated upcoming expenses: increased maintenance needs in Mount Geoffrey, Crown Land Trails, Sandpiper and Roadside Trails. Boat Ramp expenses were included at CVRD direction as funding was approved to come from Hornby’s Parks and Greenways service. The work will be managed by the Boat Ramp Committee. Special Projects for 2018: Devil’s Kitchen, Roadside Trails upgrades. Gull Road and Trallee Point upgrades are planned for 2019.
      There was a question about Periwinkle Park. This was suggested by the CVRD pending Parks Committee assessment.
      M/S/C Betty/Karen Ross “That the Regional Parks and Trails five-year budget be approved as presented.”
    7. Boat Ramp: John Struthers reported that the Committee has circulated a funding request letter to a number of businesses and organizations. They are also planning to apply for Community Quilt funding in 2018. The CVRD is applying for legal tenure over the Crown Land and will help with engineering and capital costs after tenure is approved. Ongoing tax funding will cover education/advertising, signage, permits and routine maintenance. Ideally they would like to expand the ramp from 12ft wide to 24ft wide.
    8. Property Management: Presented by HIRRA Administrator, Reina LeBaron.
      Anticipated upcoming expenses: replacing the Savoie Center UV system, driveway drainage, septic pump-out. There was a question about the Farmers Market. It is a completely separate entity that pays for its own expenses.
      M/S/C Reina/Karen Ross “That the Property Management five-year budget be approved as presented.”
  3. Community Announcements:
    1. Remembrance Day gathering at Sandpiper park.
    2. Community Bus funding: Karen reported that the CVRD requisitions about $60,000 a year from Hornby Island for public transit. A petition has been started to recover some of that tax money for funding the Hornby Community Bus.
    3. Rental need: Andrew and family are in need of housing by February 1.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:16pm by general agreement.

Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

December 13, 2018

At the Hornby Island Community Hall

Present: Rob McCreary, President; Andrew Mark, Vice President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Rachelle Chinnery, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Administrator; 15 other HIRRA members

Call to order: 7:35pm

Introductions: Rob welcomed everyone, introduced the Executive and acknowledged Pentlatch First Nations territory.
Quorum: Rob noted the lack of quorum and the meeting proceeded for information only.

1. Agenda: The agenda was approved by general agreement.
2. Minutes: Minutes of the November 8, 2017 HIRRA meeting were read aloud and accepted by general agreement with one correction: Rachelle sent regrets.
3. Executive Report: Presented by Rob. In summary:
2018 budget process improvements are underway.
2018 Pay Schedule was reviewed and a 2% COLA increase for all HIRRA staff was approved.
Letters were sent to CVRD supporting the return of some tax funds for the Hornby bus service, and to HIAC supporting their application for a long-term Crown Land lease.
HIRRA policy documents will be reviewed in the coming months starting with the Travel Policy in January. Any changes will be brought to the Assembly for approval.
Rob attended a meeting with Islands Trust and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI). MOTI committed to replacing the failing Beulah Creek culvert with a fish-friendly half-culvert, hopefully this summer, and to surveying Little Tribune road allowance.
4. Recreation Budget: Deferred to February meeting due to lack of quorum.
5. Housing Committee: Presented by Committee member Daniel Siegel. In summary: ISLA and Elder Housing are willing for the Housing Committee to be the single contact address for BC Housing communications.
Two people from Victoria experienced in working with BC Housing are willing to come present information to Hornby groups.
The First Edition has agreed to have a regular “Housing Matters” page each month with information contributed by all the housing groups.
A sub-committee is revising the “Hornby Way” document for recommendation to HIRRA and revising the standard rental contract to be more suitable for Hornby situations.
6. Fire Protection Committee: Presented by Fire Chief Doug Chinnery. In summary: BC Ambulance may train some HIFR volunteers to BC Ambulance basic standards.
Conflict Resolution between CVRD and HIFR went well. CVRD committed to semi-annual attendance at HIFR practices.
The new Fire Hall had the last epoxy seal on the truck bay doors completed. The moisture meters in the walls are providing data that will be monitored until June.
The Department plans to move operations to the New Fire Hall this week and have a community open-house in January.
7. Ferry Advisory Committee: Presented by Rob McCreary. In summary: The schedule is planned to be returned to an hourly schedule Monday to Friday in January.
The first ferry assured loading will be extended as a pilot project. Apparently there were a few unpleasant incidents in the summer.
There was discussion regarding schedule changes. There was a request that the FAC ask for documentation from BC Ferries regarding the problems/incidents around assured loading. There was a suggestion to post signage regarding consequences of inappropriate behaviour on BC Ferries property. Individuals were encouraged to write to BC Ferries directly with concerns.
8. Hornby Island Farmland Trust: Andrew reported that the Farmland Trust is applying for to the BC Rural Dividend Fund for a pump, cistern and irrigation system and will be requesting a letter of support from the HIRRA Executive.
9. Hornby Island Arts Council: Presented by Administrator Andrew Mark. In summary: several new members have joined the Board. Plans include: designing a new logo; hosting a members’ meet and greet; presenting a weekend group show and performance in February; offering a Canadian Film Festival and a local Battle of the Bands in March; continuing summer shows and a garden tour. HIAC is also working on improving benefits for members and moving ahead on the Crown Land lease and funding for the new Arts Centre.
10. Community Announcements: Polar Bear swim and Hamper present wrapping party dates were announced.
Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 8:31pm by general agreement.

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