2022 Minutes

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 By Zoom

Present: Daniel Siegel, President; Jeremy Payne, First Vice President; Kent Lukinuk, Second Vice President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Reina LeBaron, Executive Administrator; Joanne Ovitsland, Financial Administrator; 71 other HIRRA members, 1 new member and 4 guest (82 total participants)

Call to order: 7:34pm   

Introductions: Daniel welcomed everyone and acknowledged unceded First Nations territory.
Executive and staff introduced themselves.

  1. Community recognition: Reina LeBaron appreciated Ed Hoeppner for community contributions regarding alternative wastewater systems.

  2. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by poll.

  3. Minutes: Minutes of Dec. 8, 2021 HIRRA meeting were approved as presented by poll.

  4. Executive report: Daniel Siegel, President: HIRRA named in lawsuit for mountain bike accident. Lawyer has been appointed by insurance company. HIRRA’s insurance cancelled in late Dec. Extended to the end of Feb. with requirement to close technical trail features. HIRRA’s broker is researching new options.
    1. Beulah Creek project Letter of Support: Hornby Island Housing Network requested letters of support for project from Hornby groups. CVRD Board has approved $100,000 contribution to the project and approved a housing tax-service feasibility study.
      M/S/C Daniel Seigel/Kent Lukinuk
      “That the assembly authorize the Executive to write a letter of support for the Beulah Creek housing project and send it to the relevant authorities.”
      HIRRA will circulate the letter template to members to write individual letters as well.

  5. Community Announcements:
    1. BC Ferry Advisory Committee meeting on Feb 23
    1. Pruning workshop at Heron Rocks on March 6
    1. Herring Fest art show
      Reminder not to harvest beach seaweed from now until May to leave roe for forage fish.

  6. Hornby/Denman Community Health Care Society: Lori Nawrot, HDCHCS Executive Director: Home Support used to be quite extensive, but now restricted to essential personal care. Island Health funds the service. Designed for urban rather than rural communities. Several service gaps and lack of integration in services. Karen Neilson ideal new home support manager with a lot of experience. Designing a project proposal to Island Health for redesigned home support with a “community for life” model suited to needs of clients in rural remote communities. Exploring establishing a Community Health Centre with multi-disciplinary healthcare team.
    Planning more in-depth community meetings and a public survey. Volunteer input welcome.
    Comments and questions: Will clinic size increase? Funding issues with Clinic expansion plan, so hopefully this will allow access to capital funding. Will island heath agree? Hopefully, may serve as a pilot project for other communities. Appreciation for Lori and Karen and the Home Support workers. More home support workers needed and need to be central to the consultations about new services. Some seniors don’t need a full “certified care worker.”

  7. CVRD Composting Toilet Residuals Project: Presented by Vince Tongeren, CVRD Environmental Analyst. Results of the CVRD feasibility study on managing composting toilet residuals. Estimates up to 175 composting toilets about half would use a residuals management service. Volume of 20 tonnes/yr. Long-term vision for a small facility at the Recycling Depot to process composting toilet residuals to provincial standards. Interim options to transport residuals to existing composting facility in Cumberland. Could be collected in a sealed bin at the Depot or monthly pick up from homes by a contractor (once a year for 100 users). Cost would depend on number of people participating.
    Questions and comments: How would we deal with that amount of compost? Would be to BC standards and available to gardeners. How would homeowners deliver to a central facility? Composting toilet residuals would only be accepted after initial composting so residuals would have no odour or moisture. Pick up contractor could also act as a community educator.

  8. Recycling Report: Presented by Stani Veselinovic, Depot Manager. Flooding in lower mainland meant not able to accept certain materials for some time. Snow and blow-down closed Depot temporarily. Free Store remains closed due to Covid. CVRD asked that the 2022 budget be reduced. Reduced number of planned days for Free Store Greeter.
    Graphs displayed huge increase in waste transferred off island. Significant increase in materials shipped off. In winter two containers every two weeks and then in summer up to eight bins every week.
    Questions and comments: How much do the bins weigh? FAC has concerns about amount of heavy traffic displacing passenger vehicles. Kahloke ferry is limited to 80 tonnes.

  9. Water Stewardship updates: Presented by Darren Bond, Water Stewardship member. Proposal to install a “Drought level” sign board near Fire Hall based on Provincial designations. Design sign-board mock-up presented.
    Comments: Gabriola has a sign like this posted facing the ferry line-up coming onto Hornby where it is not a driver distraction. Suggestion to include web-site: Hornbywater.org. What is the hoped for outcome? Education. Stronger message to conserve water. Simplify. Too busy for driving by.
    Poll in support. 79% support sign and design 17% support sign but not design 4% do not support
    68% Spark side, 28% Fire Hall side, 4% do not support

  10. HICEEC updates: Two vacancies on HICEEC Board. Welcome feedback from community. Affordable housing is top priority: Beulah Creek housing project and then possibly accessing the 14 acre piece of Crown Land (old gravel pit between Recycling Depot and Spark). MRDT “pillow tax” earmarked for housing support. High speed internet. Cortes currently in process. Hornby and Denman are next, probably this spring. HICEEC has hired a bookkeeper and still seeking an administrative assistant.
    Questions and comments: What about the web-site? Hornbyisland.com web-site was updated and redesigned this year to be less commercial. HICEEC recently bought out the partner and is now full owner of the site. Messaging is congruent with community. What is the ”pillow tax”? Municipal Regional District Tax recently expanded to allow funds to go to housing.

Adjourned: 9:41pm

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Minutes of HIRRA General Meeting

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 By Zoom

Present: Daniel Siegel, President; Jeremy Payne, First Vice President; Kent Lukinuk, Second Vice President; Lynn Nunley, Treasurer; Allie Quelch, Secretary; Reina LeBaron, Executive Administrator; Joanne Ovitsland, Financial Administrator; 54 other HIRRA members, 4 new members and 1 guest (66 total participants)

Call to order: 7:34pm   

Introductions: Daniel welcomed everyone and acknowledged unceded First Nations territory.
Executive and staff introduced themselves. Welcome to newly appointed Secretary, Allie Quelch

  1. Agenda: The posted agenda was approved by poll.
  2. Minutes: Minutes of Feb. 9, 2022 HIRRA meeting were approved as presented by poll.
  3. Executive report: Daniel Siegel, President: HIRRA got new insurance for property and liability (except for Parks and Trails which reverted to CVRD management), but at a significantly higher cost. Appreciation of Kent for overseeing Savoie Centre building improvements. Re-roofing underway. Kent asked for contact for someone to do a small urgent job on the Savoie Centre. Restorative Justice sessions planned regarding school fire. Special appreciation for Reina regarding insurance issues.
  4. Revised Travel Policy: Revised travel policy was presented and changes reviewed.
    M/S/C Reina LeBaron/Tom Knott
    “That the HIRRA Travel Policy revisions be approved as presented.”
  5. Community Announcements:
    • HICEEC MRDT notice: A 3% Municipal Regional District Tax recently approved and will be implemented in June. Applicable on all short-term vacation rentals.
    • RCMP: Constable Paul Jones RCMP met with MoTI to assess no parking signage in key spots. RCMP plan to be on island more often through summer. Planning to tow illegally parked vehicles as necessary. More discussion planned for May HIRRA meeting.
    • HDCHCS: Meetings planned for consultation on Home Support program revisions.
    • HEAL: Hornby’s Environmental Adaptation Loans available to residents at no interest.
  6. Community Conversation: Community Conversation continues to be part of all HIRRA meetings. Daniel read an item about garbage from 1972 HIRRA minutes.
  7. Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program updates: Various Emergency Preparedness Committee members: Need two new Committee members. High-ground Hike Tsunami awareness event planned in April. Committee reviewing CVEP draft NEPP guide with feedback from some neighbourhood coordinators. Seeking more neighbourhood coordinators. Draft map of neighbourhood zones presented. Starting to walk neighbourhoods to assess time needed to check on each house. Map neighbourhood zones will be adjusted if need be. Generator donated by Hornby Housing for emergency centre back up power needs some work. Committee applying for BC Hydro grant.
  8. BC Ferry Advisory Committee updates: Rob McCreary, FAC member. Denman and Hornby ferries scheduled for refitting this spring. Plan to now unload bicycles after cars. Natalie McCall new BC customer service rep. Designs underway for changes to Gravelly Bay terminal. Ferries provide overnight emergency service if possible, but not obligated to. Peak season wait times main issue for FAC. Reduction of aging Hornby ferry “Kahloke” weight limit will increase wait times. Due for replacement in 2034. FAC scheduled to meet with MLA about issues.
    Discussion: HICEEC has a ferry committee with retired BC Ferries workers. New legislation proposed to give more authority to BC Ferries oversight board.
    Waste increases tremendously in summer. Big construction trucks have the biggest impact on ferry capacity. Can’t bring cement trucks in summer because time sensitive. Anyone can to complain to BC Ferry customer service directly.
  9. Food Security working group updates: Nym Hughes: Food Security Report available on hirra.ca web-site. Group meeting monthly mainly acting as communication hub to connect with other groups and share information. Three levels of focus: 1. individual/household, 2. Island/community, 3. regional/national/regulatory. Hope to have a food security event in the Fall.
    Discussion: Suggestion to do an island food production census. Connect with Lush Valley. Water key requirement for food production.
  10. Messaging working group updates: Mary MacKenzie: Group meeting to develop messaging for public signage, digital media and other communication avenues (e.g. businesses, non-profit web-sites, ferry computer screens). Overall theme: “Being here—what you do matters.” Unclear who could authorize putting in a large sign at Buckley Bay.
    Discussion: Check OCP regulations regarding signage. Suggestions: include “please,” put most important item at the beginning of list.
    General support for concept by poll.  

Adjourned: 9:34pm

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Minutes of future meetings will be posted after approval by the HIRRA assembly (usually at the following month’s meeting).