2016 Reports

2016-2020 Budgets

The following five-year budgets were approved by the HIRRA membership at the Nov. 2015 HIRRA meeting.
Comfort Stations 2016-2020 Budget

Fire Dept 2016-2020 Budget

Hall 2016-2020 Budget

Recycling 2016-2020 Budget

Regional Parks 2016-2020 Budget

HIRRA Reports and Financial Reports April 2016 AGM

Annual General Meeting Reports:

Committee reports for 2016 AGM. See the full minutes here.

HIRRA Fund Summary as presented at the April 2016 AGM:
Year-end 2015 Fund Summary

Auditor’s Report as presented at the April 2016 AGM:

HIRRA Financial Statements for year ending December 31, 2015