2022 Reports

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2022 AGM Financials

2022 AGM Executive and Committee Reports

2022 Budgets

The approved 2022 Core Services five-year budget may be viewed here:


The following DRAFT 2022 Committee Budgets were presented and approved by the membership at the October 13, 2021 HIRRA Zoom meeting. After staff review, the CVRD Board will consider approval of the budgets at their March meeting.

NOTE: The Comfort Stations Capital budget was revised and reduced in January 2022 at CVRD staff direction. The budget posted here is the revised version as approved by the HIRRA Executive.

2022 AGM Reports

The DRAFT 2021 Year-end Review Engagement Report from Grant Thornton Accountants was approved at the April 13, 2022 AGM.

Year-end Financial Presentation

The HIRRA Financial Administrator has prepared a Year-end Financial Power-point presentation for the April 13, 2022 AGM, including HIRRA fund balances and notes on key points of the accountants’ financial report. View the PDF here:

HIRRA Executive 2022 AGM Report

HIRRA 2022 AGM Committee Reports

HIRRA 2022 AGM Hornby Island Fire Rescue report