Community Hall

Centre of our Community

The Community Hall will be closed to rentals until further notice due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The primary purpose of the Hornby Island Community Hall is to support the social and cultural well-being of Hornby residents.

Our Community Hall hosts many of the events that make our community great. It is available for renting by locals and non-locals alike.

Community Hall Calendar

NOTE: ALL EVENTS in the Community Hall have been CANCELLED until further notice due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
The on-line calendar is updated monthly by the 20th of each month and may not reflect current availability.
Contact the Booking Agent for any booking inquiries and up-to-date availability.
The on-line calendar times reflect time that the Hall has been booked for set-up through clean-up of a given event and may not match public event duration.

For reservation availability and all other Community Hall questions, please leave a message for the Booking Agent: (250) 335-1848.

In mid-September an annualĀ pre-booking meeting is held to reserve dates until the next September pre-booking meeting. Contact the Booking Agent for details.

Hall Management Committee 2020

  • Vicki Bale
  • Judith Lawrence
  • Gabriel Jeroschewitz
  • Cathy Bonner
  • Hilary Wood-McDonnell

For general Committee guidelines see the Terms of Reference.