Fee Schedule

For reservation availability call the Booking Agent: (250) 335-1848 or email Hall@hirra.ca

OPEN BOOKING: Hall facilities are available for more than one renter per day.
CLOSED BOOKING: The renter may request exclusive use of the Hall facilities for an additional fee to be negotiated.

NOTE: A pre-booking meeting to reserve dates for the upcoming year will be advertised and held at the Hall in September each year.
Download the pdf of the Hornby Hall Rental Contract

Fee schedule for using the Hornby Island Community Hall
(Updated Sept. 1, 2020)

 ART SHOWS:  $45 – Individual  $85 – Group
 AUCTIONS/FAIRES:  $220 – Residents  $375 – Non-residents
 WEDDINGS:  $250 – Residents  $500 – Non-residents
 MOVIES:  $45  
 KITCHEN USE: Tea / coffee only  $10  
 KITCHEN USE: Full kitchen  $30 – under 6hrs  $50 – over 6 hrs
 TECH: Microphones and stands  $10  
 TECH: Sounds system access
(use of Hall mixing board provided if a qualified technician is hired at the user’s expense)

Request to reduce fees: Local not for profit organizations may request a fee discount by contacting HIRRA.

For general committee guidelines see the Terms of Reference.