Emergency Preparedness

Our mission statement:

To collaborate with other organizations in providing ongoing education and support for Hornby residents to become more prepared for a range of potential emergencies.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee was formed in 2018 to research and coordinate information for a Hornby Island emergency preparedness. Of course, the foundation for any emergency preparation has to be individual, household and neighbourhood emergency preparedness, so education is a big component of the Committee’s work. The BC Provincial Emergency Preparedness web-site has a lot of useful resources and information.

Neighbourhood Emergency Coordinators

The Committee is currently asking for people from each of Hornby’s neighbourhoods to volunteer as Neighbourhood Emergency Coordinators. These Coordinators will receive training and information about organizing neighbourhood meetings to review emergency preparedness information and identify neighbourhood resources and needs. Some neighbourhoods already have Coordinators, but there are many that do not yet have a Coordinator or alternate. View the map to see if your neighbourhood is in need: Hornby NEPP map Sept 2023.

Contact HIRRA Administrator if you are interested in being a Neighbourhood Coordinator or alternate.

The Comox Valley Emergency Program has a simple but comprehensive guide to help you start Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) planning: NEPP Guide

The Committee has already started gathering information from island organizations and businesses to develop a comprehensive list of emergency resources and identify any major gaps in preparedness.

Evacuation manual

Comox Valley Emergency Preparedness (CVEP) worked with Committee members to prepare an evacuation manual for the island. The manual of operational guidelines is available on their web-site: Evacuation Guidelines

Tsunami Preparedness

While Hornby is fairly protected from the direct threat of a tsunami caused by a Pacific Ocean earthquake, it’s always good to understand the risk of tsunami and know the best route to high ground.
This You Tube video gives very clear information and examples of various levels of tsunami from barely noticeable to catastrophic: Tsunami comparisons

This downloadable PDF shows the high ground safe zones and the areas of Hornby that could be flooded in a tsunami: NEPP Tsunami Safe Zones on Hornby.

THANK YOU to BC Hydro, Hornby Island Community Fund, Comox Valley Foundation, Comox Valley Emergency Program and other funders.

In the last few years, the Emergency Preparedness Committee has received grants from the Hornby Island Economic Enhancement Corporation, BC Hydro, Baynes Sound Lions Club, Hornby Island Community Fund, Comox Valley Foundation, Comox Valley Emergency Program and other funders to purchase radio equipment and first aid supplies; upgrade generators; and provide workshops and publicity on emergency preparedness.

Thank you to all these organizations and volunteers, for supporting this important community work.

Emergency Preparedness Committee 2023

  • Amy LeBaron
  • Albini Lapierre
  • Bernie Kowey
  • Tom Ruth
  • Henry Touwslager

Minutes of a Community Emergency Preparedness Meeting held in February 2018 that led to the creation of the HIRRA Emergency Preparedness Committee later that year.