Invasive Weed Control

Hornby has problems with a number of opportunistic (invasive) European plants including: Scotch Broom, Laurel-leafed Daphne, English Holly and Bull Thistle. The Invasive Weed Control Committee receives funding from the Comox Valley Regional District to assist in controlling the spread of some of the worst invasive plants.

The Committee prepared a handout on weeds of particular concern on Hornby: HIRRA Weed handout Oct 2019

Volunteer workers are encouraged to contact Committee members to learn how to assist in removing weeds in various locations around the island.

Invasive Weed Controllers 2022

  • Anna Zielinski
  • Liz Earle
  • Rachel Platt


Laurel leafed Daphne (Spurge Laurel) covering hillside near Ford Cove