Regional Parks & Trails Advisory

The Regional Parks and Trails Advisory Committee is the community liason group between Hornby and the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) who manage the maintenance and upgrades on trails in Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park, the adjoining Mount Geoffrey Crown Lands, and the Roadside Trails. The CVRD is also responsible for maintenance of the Regional Community Parks at the following beach accesses: Sandpiper Beach, Grassy Point, Hidden Beach, Clamshell Beach, Tralee Point.

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Mount Geoffrey Recreation Area and Trails

Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park was established to preserve the natural environment and diverse landscapes found in the centre of Hornby Island. The 333 hectare (823 acre) park is adjacent to the Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park and a large area of Crown Land, designated as an environmental protection and groundwater recharge area by the Islands Trust. The entire area was logged in the early 1900’s, but now supports a healthy second growth ecosystem and several stands of old growth Douglas Fir. Rising in a series of benchlands, there is a vertical difference of 250 metres within the Park. The western escarpment provides panoramic views of Denman Is., Vancouver Is. and the Beaufort Range.

The area includes a variety of ecosystems from the very dry Arbutus escarpment face, wetlands to a rainforest-like Sitka spruce forest at the base of the escarpment. The endangered Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem is habitat for Coast Blacktail deer, small mammals and a variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians.  The wetlands and seasonal streams recharge groundwater for the island. Please treat the land and the island’s water supply with care.

The extensive trail system crosses seamlessly between the Regional Nature Park, Provincial Park and Crown Lands. The wider multi-use trails open to equestrians, pedestrians and cyclists follow old logging road tracks and also serve as emergency vehicle access. The vast network of single-track trails serve both hikers and mountain bikers of all levels. Some trails along the cliff edge are designated for hike-only or bike only. There are some tricky trails and trail features that should only be attempted by expert riders.

Rules and Safety Precautions

Park Rules Bylaw 103

  • Fires, smoking, camping, hunting and motorized vehicles are prohibited
  • Leave no trace (both people and pets)
  • Keep dogs under control to prevent harassment of wildlife and other Park users
  • Do not damage or remove natural materials
  • Cyclists, avoid digging up the trail base while climbing and use no-skid braking techniques
  • Unauthorized trail building is prohibited
  • Take nothing but photographs and memories

Park Safety

  • The Park and trails may not be safe during high winds due to tree and branch blow downs, during rains when trails are slippery or where there is loose surfacing. Use caution and wear appropriate footwear.
  • There are areas where the trail runs along the edge of cliffs. For your own safety, stay back from the edge and keep children and pets under close control.
  • Unauthorized trails (created by people or wildlife) are not maintained or signed. Please stay on mapped trails.
  • Respect trail use designations established to protect the Park and prevent user conflicts. Allow others to pass by stepping aside if possible.
  • Cyclists, please stay under 20km/hr and alert others of your approach in order to avoid collisions
  • Thank you for your cooperation!

Information adapted from Comox Valley Regional District brochure. See original here: Mt Geoffrey Brochure
or visit the CVRD website

The Mount Geoffrey Management Plan, developed by the CVRD with extensive community consultation, provides details of the vision and implementation strategy for managing the Mount Geoffrey nature area and trails for sustainable recreation and long-term conservation: Mt Geoffrey Park Master Plan 2019

A PDF map of the Mount Geoffrey trails is available here: Mount Geoffrey Parks Map

Hornby Island Mountain Bike Association (HIMBA)

HIMBA volunteers contribute countless volunteer hours to help HIRRA’s Regional Parks and Trails Committee maintain and improve Hornby’s world-class trail system. Their superb full-colour map of Hornby trails is for sale by donation at the Hornby gas bar with all funds going to support HIMBA’s bike-park and trail enhancements. Their website also provides detailed information about specific island trails.


Mt. Geoffrey and Regional Parks and Trails Advisory Committee 2023

  • Leslee Richards
  • Amanda Zielinski
  • Tom Rutherford
  • Chloe Baird-Titcomb
  • Nadeane Trowse
  • Dean McKay
  • Rob White

The Boat Ramp located near the ferry landing is managed by a separate Committee.